Sunday, April 17, 2011

Outfit #26 - Storm Cloud Maxi Dress @ Kitaro Concert

On 13/4/11 Wednesday I went to watch Kitaro concert at Marina Bay Sands with my mom. It was a mixture of Eastern influences and Western influences some of the western songs were reminiscent of Santana's romantic guitar tunes the Eastern influences came in form of strong beats from the Japanese drums.

It was a real entertaining fusion of East meets West powered by Kitaro's energetic performance. He played drums, electric guitar & guitar, flutes/pipes, string instruments and keyboard all without any notes?!

The support from his band was awesome as well the stand out for me would be the violinist and the drummer. They complemented Kitaro's eclectic musical choices wonderfully. The whole package brought me on a journey of high powered excitement with angry rock beats to lyrical and tender moments that could have come straight from a classic love story. It was unlike any concert that I had been to before.

This is what I wore to the concert.

I chose grey as it is quite a zen color for me and I thought it would suit the event quite nicely.
The only song I had heard from Kitaro was this one and I had the impression that his music would be influenced by nature so I thought wearing something the color of stone would be a good idea.
This dress you may remember from this post this time I have worn it with a nude dry lux T-Shirt from Uniqlo I also wore a silver cuff which I took out at the time of the photo taking.

I absolutely adore this silk dress the material is fluid and soft a dream to slip into and makes you not want to take it off! Haha.
What would you wear to a concert?


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