Saturday, May 21, 2011

Outfit #30 - Back to Basics / Grumpy Cherub Ring / Gyaru Makeup Debut

I like to balance out unusual make up (see gyaru inspired make up complete with drawn on lower lashes!) with pretty basic clothes so here goes I also want to show of my grumpy cherub ring which I putinmypocketforgotaboutitbigfattoe stepped on it so it broke T_T

But no worries I bought another unusual ring from Sophie to perk myself up will prolly take photos with it some other time ;D

Perfect outfit to just laze around on the sofa after prancing all over town.

Not the best picture of my cherub ring but taking out the broken piece to take photos could make me seriously depressed for putinmypocketforgotaboutitbigfattoe stepped on it depressed so make do with the picture of it on my fat finger.
Outfit Details:
White Throw Over - Far East Plaza
Jeans - New Look
Black Spaghetti Strap Top - Cotton On
Ring - Jewel Parlour at arts market.
Earrings - Jewel Parlour at arts market.

For more detailed make up details click over here for video and photos and words.

Have a great weekend! Love you all LOTS!


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