Monday, May 02, 2011

Sasa/Daiso Haul: Unicorn Puke Nail Polish, Barbie Doll Make Up & Magic Foundation

27.4.11, Wednesday

There was an atrium sale in the shopping centre near my home. What so fantastic about that? You may ask. Well, it is a Sasa atrium sale. And I LOVE Sasa! Even more when they have sales!

It is the best time for me to go get some BB creams and try out some more cosmetics with names I cannot pronounce properly at heavily discounted prices. So if the product sucks I will not feel quite so heart pain.

I hit the BB cream section and after brooding over different types I decided to give Spray On BB cream a try :DWhat is 5 in 1 EGF? Tell me please as after reading all the small print on the baby pink box I am still clueless. But on the plus side the box is cute. I shall talk more about this BB cream later on.

Next to the BB creams there was a Lioele section. If there was just the word Lioele written on some card board sign I would have just walked past but it was Lioele printed all over HOT PINK BOXES with QUILTED MOTIF. Swwwoooonnnn.

There was this cute little pink box that reminds me of nail polish or benetint (what do you mean you don't know what benetint is?) and it smells like strawberries! Makes cheeks super pink and cute too :) For swatches and how to apply this click here.
The price was not too crazy either.

Another Lioele product I picked up was this cute compact. Reminds me of those Barbie doll make up I used to see in the toy store.
Bonus is that it comes with SPF. The compact itself is small and can be easily slipped inside a clutch or purse.When I open it up there is sizable mirror and good amount of product.
When I flip it to the back it reveals a secret compartment carrying a puff with the Lioele logo.
Very travel friendly definitely something I am going to bring on trips abroad.
Here are the two shades I picked up at $9.90 for both. On left it is shade 21 and on the right it is shade 23.
Now as promised I shall talk about the Shills Magic Foundation it boasts hydration, whitening effects and 5 in 1 EGF?!

I read the small print on the back but still have no idea what that is. But according to publicity images it sure looks promising!

The price totally will not break the bank :D
Finally I am getting to the Daiso products which I got recently over the weekend. Everything for $2.
Unicorn puke with stardust nail polish and Paul & Joe inspired pink nail polish :D
Rather sheer this unicorn puke nail polish but I still love it.
Assorted puffs which I use for all types of foundations. Currently using pink round sponge for my Double Color Foundation.

I intend to use this for contouring as I find using bronzers can have an orangey effect on the skin I think these should make my contouring appear more natural. We shall see how it all works out.
That's all for my hauls/review/video update blog post.

If you have not watched the video
Click Here

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