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China Tour 2010 PART TWO

I am back from Beijing!

Before I start doing up a travel post I shall be posting up a huge quantity of pictures I dug up from this trip I KNOWWW it has been a long time since I promised a part two but I have been busy.

So here is the part two version of that China tour to Huangshan Mountains. The chronological part of my brain positively insists on pictures from that trip posted up first before the batch of photos from my recent Beijing trip. I know its late real late but better late than never I say.

Day 4 cont'd
We had to take a cable car up to Huangshan mountains where our hotel would be.

View of the mountains and people working hard to make sure the cable cars are running definitely a job for those unafraid of heights.

After a rather peaceful cable car ride we reach the hotel. Settle in and embark on our trail across the mountains.

Plenty of foliage and smooth steps to pave the way.
Me some where near the top of the mountains with a wooden staff. Everyone had to have one apparently it eases the difficulty you may have while climbing thousands of steps. Feel like Moses up to get the ten commandments LOL.
Some football thingy more like a landmark for climbers to know that they have indeed ascended to a reasonable height.

Taking advantage of the great lighting up on the mountains to take some photos. No tourist photo is complete without the peace sign X)

Gorgeous view straight our of some ancient Chinese painting and no that is not a post card.

After the climb we headed back to the hotel for dinner and much needed sleep.
Day 5
We woke up super early to catch the sun rise. It was cool weather and the air was fresh.

We waited for ages and no sun in sight just a vague orange red glow from behind the clouds.

I got so tired waiting for the sun to rise I took a photo of my feet. Finally after what felt like an eternity the sun rose up visibly above the clouds.

It was worth waiting to see the sun rise a beautiful sight. I think I only witness a sunset once in every ten years I am usually tucked up in bed when the sun first makes its appearance.
Okay one last shot of the sun rise :) Now on to some locks and pink flower bush I saw.

Couples lock their "love" up on chains on the mountain and throw the keys away. Look at how rusty some of these are I suppose they must be several years old. Wonder if the couples who locked their "love" there still remain together. Statistics should be done to see if these kind of thing actually work.

Wild flowers that grow up the wall! They must be very hardy to survive up on the mountains.
After a great visit to the Huangshan Mountains it was time to go back down.
I LOVE the mountains and it is absolutely breath taking in pictures as it is in real life. I highly recommend everyone visits at least once in their life time.
Breakfast at a bright and cheerful place.
Pink houses people stayed in I liked the pastel colors. After that it was on to a shopping district that faced the lake it was called West Lake Xin Tian Di.

There were squirrels living in what looked like nests? I thought squirrels lived in holes in the trees? Apparently modern 21st squirrels think holes are beneath them they take the bird's choice of residence and make it their own.
Floating restuarant on the lake not for people with motion sickness.

An entire street of branded goods. The lake and boats and view were all visible from across the shops knowing the Chinese it probably has some fengshui connotation.
Most adorable dog ever. Looking into those soulful eyes it like this dog has seen all that life has to offer. I like to call it a "shifu" dog haha.
Off to lunch than on to a place that sold antiques but no photos were allowed inside the premises so I only took the picture of the building.

To round off the day we went to watch a fascinating performance part theater, part Chinese orchestra and part acrobatics.
Impressive costumes and imagery of nature and music fused into one.
This part was really awesome as the acrobats swirled up on seemingly flimsy cloth. Below the picture shows a general getting arrowed to death after a fierce battle.
Famous butterfly lovers. I think the lady played the part of the male lead rather convincingly.The show came to a close than we went back to the hotel.

Day 6
We had breakfast at a restaurant with a nice wall.

Than on to a boat cruise along West Lake.
I thought we would be on board the white boat but apparently I was wrong. It was the other boat.
Yup that one. The ride was quite pleasurable and I took a tolerable number of photos but if I decided to post every single one of them up I think viewer's eyeballs may just jump right out and leave empty sockets behind.

A bride on her way to use a toilet with a helper to lift the skirts for her. The tour guide told us that the park was a very popular place for brides to take photos only problem was getting to the toilets.

Can you imagine while waiting to go to the public toilet you have a bunch of noisy sweaty kids in the queue, impatient aunties and than you turn around and there is this bride dressed in full regalia with a veil and large poofy gown waiting in line behind you. LOL.
Our next stop would be to Longjing tea plantation to try some green tea with large leaves.

This dude is suppose to be getting the leaves ready to be packaged inside the boxes to be sold. He just swirls the leaves around the metal bowl over and over until it gets really warm inside due to friction. I think it suppose to dry out the moisture in the leaves or something.

I bought some tea and than on to lunch at newly opened restaurant.

Apparently if the restaurant is new you have to cover the lion's head and the signboard something about preventing the riches from going in before it is time for the official opening.

Performer I had the luck to sit with and take a picture.
Street scene.
Yuanrong Times Square with the largest LED screen in the world! With all these modern technology in a shopping area it makes Singapore shopping district pale in comparison!
Day 7
Suzhou Silk Factory where they showcased a modelling show.
On to Suzhou Musuem where they had an exhibit on porcelain and photogenic bamboo trees.
Cruise along Shanghai tang. Lots of people and lots of jostling around.
Shopping along Shanghai streets.

SWFC Observatory Tower

Freaking longest tower ever with great view except there was a heavy cover of smog impossible to take any great panoramic pictures from the top.
But still the street scene is pretty nice.

Day 8
The next day dressed in leopard prints I was ready to conquer the day.
Typical assortment of stuff needed for me to get ready. Moisturizer, deodorant, perfume, sun block, make up porch and my chain necklace.
Nice comfy chair which shall be a transition on to the Shanghai Expo.

Had to queue and take a ferry over to the expo. It was like the expo was on its own private island.

After that little boat ride we got to the expo and it was huggggeeee on so many levels. The space for the expo was huge, the buildings in the expo was huge and the crowds was huge.

I did not even get inside Singapore expo because there was a queue of about 2 hours to get inside! So we ended up just hitting those with less queues since we only had like 5 hours of time to hang out at the expo.
I liked how colorful the displays were and how each exhibit showcased something unique about a country.

We decided to take a bus ride to another destination after hours of walking.

After taking some photos and eating lunch we headed to the Shanghai Expo that red building behind my head and trees.
Thank God we had eaten lunch because we were in for some serious long queuing.

The waves of screen mimic calligraphy scrolls showcasing Hunan's scenic views.
Magnetic balls on string that mimic magneto's power to control metal hehe. They all moved in harmony to a melody.
Freaking cool exhibit of the tree growing up onto the ceiling.

Inside the pavilions it was full of gorgeous lights! We made our way from one to the other absorbing the sights and the sounds.
Okay after that we headed to have a tea break before going to some futuristic section of the expo.
The place truly comes alive at night when all the lights illuminate graphic images. There is this oil building that had some many different graphics!

The expo was finally closed and not a soul was in sight. We headed back to the hotel after dinner
tired but satisfied.

*Last Day* At the airport


Hope you enjoyed that and have a great summer!


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