Sunday, June 26, 2011

Visit to Hort Park


I went to visit Hort Park with a friend to take pictures :)

It was a super hottt day when we went.
Great place to enjoy nature and take photos or to just simply wander around in.
They have this offices here with a colorful mosiac wall. I like this green pool here as it reminds me of a resort.
Neverending stairwell.
Please come visit Green Water Resort. This picture could go on a brochure.
I wanna dive into it haha :D
While we were there we saw the green Taj Mahal LOL
I love the dew on the leaves makes everything look so refreshing! On a hottt day like this I felt like licking the dew right off the leaves.

Luckily for us there was some shelter areas around to shelter us from the sun.

This looks like a great place to take pictures. Look that's my own garden and my house on the hill in the background ;D
Acting atas (singlish slang: high class) only thing missing is my dozen maids and a tall glass of iced tea.

Plenty of gorgeous flowers to snap pictures of with names I cannot pronounce in Latin.
Pretty Pavilion hidden behind bushes!
So nice! I wanna take my wedding photos in a pavilion like this one!

I love the dress I wore in this photos and the Indian Quilted bag I carried with me.

Why don't you go for a nice walk in Hort Park to slow down when work gets too tedious? Leisurely strolls around nature with a good friend can really help you unwind.


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