Monday, July 18, 2011

OMG! UPDATE already

OMG! It has been two weeks?! Since my last update. I am soooo sorry my mac book just died a slow death and needs to get some rest so updates have been held back.

I promise that once the mac genius pumps back life into my mac book I shall update with more travel photos (Great wall anyone?) and outfit photos (high waisted denims very tricky to put on but come off pretty easily), oh yes and make up looks make up looks make up looks!

I shall try and get all these together offline work has been piling up as well. If I can I shall share some of my work with you. It is all pretty exciting and fun (psssttt...I get to look at colorful, monster, cartoons, fruits and coloring pencils as part of my work! AWESOMMMEEEE!)

I have also discovered I am quite talented in drawing cartoons. Hmmm...

Anyway hope you all are well and happy. Have a great week ahead.


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