Monday, August 29, 2011

Brow woes!

I bleached my hair again haha as you can see its kind of lighter now. The tricky thing was to try and match my eyebrows to my new hair color without bleaching my eye brows. So here is the picture of my naked eyebrows.
I tried my usual eyebrow pencil from Daiso. The color I chose was the light brown shade.

Total cost: $2
Still eyebrows were too dark for my liking.


The second product I used was Kate eyebrow gel. It does not come with a brush so I just used an old gel eyeliner brush.

Total cost: $18
Consistency is rather creamy but fast drying so it will not smear and stain your skin around the eye brow area. I applied some compact powder to the eyebrows to further lighten it.
It lightened the hairs some what but it was after many coats of eyebrow gel and a layer of compact powder :( Disappointed but found that it works well for contouring nose :)

The last product I got was from an obscure shop and an obscure brand called Mio Piccolo by dobest cosmetics.

I got the lightest shade in LB or Light Brown!

Total cost: $8.90
Lightens up the brows with just one coat! Fuss free application just have to be careful not to apply too thick a coat if not it could look un-natural.Happy with the result.

I can have fake bleach eyebrows! Go give it a try! I am still finding alternative places to buy this product. I bought my bottle from Golden Village Yishun, Beauty Supply store right next to Wendy's.

Here is the comparison photos side by side. Ya I know the Kate Eyebrow Gel one may look better but that was after many many many coats of the gel and on top of that pressed compact powder! The Mio Piccolo one is more natural looking and I only used one coat to sweep through the brows!
The photos of the brows were all taken indoors here is a picture of how my brows look like in natural (outdoor) lighting. I am using the Mio Piccolo one and as you can see it appears lighter than in the comparison photo above and also it is very natural looking.In case you are wondering where I took that picture well it was on a balcony of Batam, Holiday Inn Resort. More photos to come so stay tune for that.

I hope this post is helpful for people who have lightened their hair and are looking for alternatives to match hair color to brows.

Have a great week! Happy Ramadan to all Muslims!


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