Monday, August 01, 2011

March Trip to KL + Genting

Thursday 17/3/2011

I went on a short trip to Genting and KL, Malaysia

Painted my nails silver! After a long journey where I had lots of shut eye we arrived up on Genting.

Our comfortable accommodation :D
After walking a bit we headed to the cinema to watch a movie which was not fantastic it was some Chinese movie about three men having extramarital affairs with other women until their wives found out forgot the title.

The next day.

I threw on this sparkly Love Bonito cropped top to add some color to my pretty basic outfit of jeans and white camisole. Ribbon necklace you may remember it is from my Adelaide trip :D

My make up is pretty basic too haha I am in holiday mode.

Caterpillar ride my mom and I tried later. But first we went to walk around and explore the other hotels.
This one has huge elephant tusks and it is one of the oldest hotel in Genting. There is one more which is oldest still and shut down it is supposedly haunted shall show you pictures later. hehe.

It like got very misty around this time when we took the pictures. Don't know why.

Here is an escalator picture to break some of the monotony of buildings with mist. It looks rather creepy this escalator.Misty!
Not Misty

Attempting to take photo with name of hotel. Acting like I OWN the hotel hahahahaha.Suddenly has lots of mist. No more signboard :(But I am on holiday so with mist or no mist must still be happy :D

My mom and me hahaThis spot not nice to take photo lah.
I like taking photos up here :D

I wanna bring this lamp home!

Dinner yummy!

Than off to take a ride in that caterpillar.View from the Caterpillar ride :)

This is a haunted hotel I said earlier looks quite creepy and compared to the other areas not many people around here.

Okay end of ride :)
Genting Highland mascots so cute!

The next day now its 19/3/11 we head off to KL for some shopping!
Fooling around in the bus with my bangs. Than after that we arrive at my favorite hotel to stay in KL. Royal Bintang.
Than shopping at Berjaya Times Square.
Met a man who cannot speak there he sold key chains at Wendy's.

Final shots of buildings before we head back to Singapore.

Random shot of the toilet sink and the logo of my favorite hotel to stay in KL.
Royal Bintang!
Most hideous signboard ever. Couldn't they hire someone to draw Madam Tung nicely? Okay zoom off back to Singapore.

And let me show you my loots from Genting, Sungei Wang (no building pictured) and Berjaya Times Square.

Three quarter high waist pants from Berjaya Times Square (BTS), sadly too tight for me I had to do clearance with it. Dress also from BTS I LOVE it so much check here for pictures. The flower shorts were bought from Sungei Wang so comfortable and cute.
This feather necklace I got from Genting but sadly I have lost it already :( in some HSM fitting room in Beijing :(
Highwaist shorts and vest from Sungei Wang.
Most of the stuffs here from Daiso at Sungei Wang. The metallic eye shadows are from Genting :)

That's all :D

Have a funtastic weekend!


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