Sunday, September 11, 2011

Batam Trip 27/8 - 28/8

Updated 18.9.11 Sunday
I just came back from a real express visit to Malacca (4-5 hours journey back and forth photos to come)

And here is an express post of my trip to Batam (also express trip)

Photos are not in any particular order just enjoy I promise to post up and possibly arrange them in chronological order once I can squeeze in more time to blog. I have been working at work projects thus I can only squeeze in time for express blog post. Forgive me.

Okay as promised I am going to do a proper travel post.

First off I have never been to Batam before I had a vision that it would be sandy white beaches and nice clear sea a la Mauritius style resort setting alas. I was in for a surprise by a rude awakening (I was talk about that later).

To board the boat to Batam for all noobs (like me) you got to go to Vivo technically Harbourfront Ferry Terminal but Vivo is more prominent so if you ask any Singaporean around where the heck is Harbourfront Ferry Terminal most likely they would reply:"Its at Harbourfront lah (-_-") near Vivo lah!"

So after getting to Harbourfront Ferry Terminal than after hustling with lots of aunties, families with screaming kids and amorous couples you will finally be able to get through the customs and get on your boat. Which looks like this (see below)

And typically the below deck it looks like this (see below)
Must take photo! Okay the ferry ride was pretty uneventful until we neared Batam and I saw this huge ominous looking black cloud above the island. Hey what happened to sunny skies?

NOOOOO! Goodbye visions of lolling on white sand and skinny dipping inside the pool!

My first sight of Batam Beach covered in torrential rain! GAHHHHH!

The TRAAAGGGGEEEEDDDYYYY! Oh well we are on vacation got to make the best of it and SMILEEE!

Batam has its own "Hollywood" signboard a picture taken during our City Tour but I don't know how come this photo jump here. Oh well.

Off to the immigration and to Holiday Inn, Batam where we stayed! Awesome resort!

Hotel Room Tour! Starting auspiciously with the toilet!

And nicely ends with a sparkly tub! Cozy, clean and comfortable! The accommodations gets mega points with me!

Since it was raining we decided to do spa! Instead of getting wet on the beach :(

This is where we had the spa experience. It was AWESOMMMEE!

Ginger tea and smiling faces!

Some more photos taken of the Holiday Inn Batam surroundings.
This is the final day! Off to City Tour but got to wait first for Tour Guide.

The City Tour had a couple of unfortunate events that occurred including someone losing their handphone at the kelong restaurant and a group of women who did not know they had to take out their luggage from the hotel as we would immediately board the ferry after the City Tour ended.

Delays Delays Delays.

In the end very little time was left for shopping I shall show you the buys I got later.

Have a great Sunday!


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