Friday, September 02, 2011

Fashion inspired by Videos

I really love the styling in these videos. Super gorgeous and Katy Perry's one is so fun! Enjoy!

I like to dress up inspired by videos that I have watched. Be it eye liner, an eye shadow color or a relaxed slouchy top I saw a singer wear in a video.

California King Bed - Rihanna

Gorgeous colors. Natural make up on Rihanna and nice crisp white cotton. Perfect for summer. A gigantic bed covered in white sheets! I love many Rihanna videos but I decided to just pick this one for variety.

1+1 - Beyonce

Beyonce another one of my favorites stylistically she is classy and modern at the same time. She is a true show woman and watching her in video is always a treat. The make up again here is quite natural and there is this neutral tones to the clothing at the beginning of the video.

Last Friday Night - Katy Perry

The 1980s! Neon colors, bright bright make up colors! I have that similar shade of fuchsia lip color Katy Perry wears in the video and bright blue eye shadow! Incredibly fun!

Only Exception - Paramore

I know stylistically this video is not that much of a stand out but I liked the scene with all those valentine cards strewn on the floor and Hayley Williams lying down on top of it :) The bright red hair also scores points with me I love red :D

You Lost Me - Christina Aguilera

I think style wise there is this theme here emerging with Beyonce and Rihanna video, that natural kind of make up and simple clothings. It goes with that type of song the singer is singing but it also makes the style very wearable for the viewer (like me and you) which I LIKE.

Funhouse - P!nk

Biker chic! I like tough leather jackets and I am partial to motorbikes. Jumping around in a burning house with crazy clowns what's not to like. P!nk's clothes in the video are not quite wearable for everyday but I can always pull elements of it white, leather jacket, buckles, spikes etc and make it my own.

Alice In Wonderland (Underground) - Avril Lavigne

A bit of gothic element, princess and fantasy elements. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It is always hard for me to turn down anything with that princessy feel to it. Be it poofy dresses, pink icing cupcakes, chiffon, tiara and lace. Having a gothic element black dress, corset, heavy eyeliner makes it a double kill for me. Yes I love Tim Burton he successfully merges this two elements together princess and gothic styles :D Avril Lavigne also embodies these two qualities as well which makes her my ultimate favorite singer since high school!

You belong with me - Taylor Swift

I am a sucker for that whole nerdy girl turns gorgeous babe video (did you see Katy Perry's video?) its the story of my life. Hehe. It is just so fun to watch and again the fashions in this video is super wearable :D

I hope these videos inspires you to have fun with fashion! Interpret your favorite video style and make it your own!


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