Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hauls from Batam Trip 27/8/11 - 28/8/11

Hauls from Batam Trip 27/8/11 - 28/8/11

Mainly bought at the Batam City Square Mall. The Batik stuff was from Batik Factory.

Blue Flower Shirt that comes with a belt.

Romper with black and white leopard prints

My favorite! Gorgeous Victorian Style Dress!

Belt that came with blue flower shirt

Raspberry Big Flower Dress! Gorgeous bought from same store as the romper and the Victorian dress. It cost about SGD14 per item.

Batik tissue box holder cost SGD3

Nude Harem style pants cost about SGD20

Tulip Skirt cost SGD18 comes with matching belt.

Batik handphone pourches cost about SGD2 for each.

Batik halter neck dress cost SGD18

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