Saturday, September 24, 2011

Newlook + Pedal Works Haul 2011

I seldom splurge on fashion usually I am all about finding good deals but when it comes to shoes I have scarcely any choice thanks to my large size feet it is almost impossible to find good quality cheap shoes that fit me.

I don't like the hassle of custom made shoes since I cannot make up my mind what kind of styles I would like best a wedge, stiletto, mid-heels, kitten heel???

What about buying online? What? rob myself of the magic that comes when you see a shoes you like on a shelf in a store and try it on and it fits...Don't get me wrong I am huge livejournal/blogshop/gmarket buyer but when it comes to shoes I always prefer holding the thing in my hands and putting it on my feet.

In my 20 odd years on Earth there are only two stores I have found that stock up shoes ready to wear in my size. Newlook and Pedal Works :) Total damage added up to over SGD100 for four pairs of shoes but the awesome feeling of finding the perfect shoes is priceless!

These Pedal Works wedges with weave detailing are comfortable and and gorgeous! I put it on the minute I could after purchasing it at the store!

Outfit Photo :)

I like pairing tough jewelry with delicate pieces. I also love wearing denim and lace together. The tough and delicate theme follows through hehe.

Outfit Details:
Blouse - Malacca
Shorts - KL
All jewelry - F21

My favorite style of Pedal Works shoes has to be these slippers which are stylish but feel like melted butter embracing my feet. This is my third purchase of this style :D

Newlook shoes are always fashion forward and I love their strap detailing.
Satchel from Newlook they gave me when I joined their membership :D
and this is how the card looks like can use in other stores like Levi's and it is also an EZ link card/ERP card so you put money in it and pay transportation fees with it :)

Where are your favorite places to shop for shoes?


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