Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shopping Online - Bikini Madness

As promised in this post I said that I would show you where to get 3 piece bikini suits for $9.90 unfortunately the shop TREEN has completely sold out :(

Here are the pictures of the gorgeous swimwear I bought from TREEN.

I know it can be disappointing but I will do what I can to ease your disappointment. Here are places where you can get bikini for affordable prices I have not bought from them before but I am following their shop from time to time as their deals are really worth it! You can get it for less than SGD20!

Get this gorgeous ethnic looking bikini!

Start Shopping!
Click Here

For Sweet, casual styles!

You can also mix and match at Ruistyle

Okay putting bikinis aside another great place to look for lovely skirts is dangolgage

That is all for today!

Happy Shopping!


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