Sunday, October 30, 2011

Useful Tips for Selling at Flea Markets + Sights at Marina Barrage

In August I planned and carried out my second flea market sale with my good friend, Kelly.

I know it has been a long time coming and we are already in OCTOBER (the end of it actually) how time flies!Truthfully speaking the sales were not as good as my first time but we still managed to cover the cost of rental for the booth.

Doing this twice has taught me a few things about it.

Location and Timing is key when doing a flea
The crowds only came in towards the later part of the day and we should have had the flea in tandem with the National Day event that was to be held there. We held the flea one day earlier than the National Day event thus less crowds the rainy weather made it even lesser crowds -_-

Make Sure You are Comfortable
Having a portable fan around and anything cold on a hot day is important. Make sure you dress comfortably as well. You will be less likely to snap and snarl when there is low level of sales and low level of patience to clear your stuff. Make yourself at home it is your stall and you are the boss.
Be Entertained and Entertaining
Luckily I had a good friend to chat with when it got boring. When your jaw aches from talking too much or laughing too hard bring on the portable game machine and music. When all else fails just simply snap some photos. Be your own PhotoBooth. Remember never get too grouchy even when your buddy gets more sales than you or vice versa it is not a competition it is just clearing space for new stuff in your wardrobe.
First Try! There are wierd men sticking out of our hair! AHHHH!

Second Try! FAIL!
Third Try! Why I look so SLEEPPY???!!!Forth Try! PASSED!! WOOOHOOOO!

Display it Proudly!
Get a rack to hang your wares! 90% of the sales come from racks! People just adore flipping through clothing on racks even if it is a flea sale and not a boutique. I am guilty of this as well some how picking stuff off a table or digging from a bin is less fun than flipping through a rack of ready hung clothes.
Display your prices VISIBLY. Customers want to know up front how much your goods cost. Safe them the hassle of asking or waiting for other customers to finish doing business with you before asking. Make sure you keep your store front tidy as well and keep updating the stuff you have in your "good bargains bag" especially when you have cleared a substantial quantity of stuff from there.

Be BOLD and COLORFUL make sure your stall really stands out from the rest putting any kind of reflective surface (Love Bonito Shiny Bags) and brightly colored clothing at the front will help grab people's attention.Okay that's it for some tips on Flea Markets now for some sights of Marina Barrage. It is a beautiful place by the way!

For more updates on upcoming fleas check out forfleasake and follow them on twitter for great bargains!

At the *scape Sunday Parade Flea I scored a Pleated Green Maxi Skirt for SGD10 there (pictures soon promise) and floral tiered blouse for SGD5 (pictures too soon haha)!

Hope this inspires you to either join a Flea or shop at a Flea!

Have a great weekend!


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