Monday, October 31, 2011

Work Outs for People who Hate Working Out in Public

Are you the type of person who feels stressed and insecure when working out with others in public? No matter how you stretch you just cannot seem to get it right. The instructor has to correct you repeatedly.
When you were in school were you uncoordinated and awkward in gym while your peers sailed through with the ease of a natural born athlete?

Let's just face it. Sometimes working out in public can be a major pain. Your lack of athletic prowess is visible to every Tom, Dick and Harry which would be fine if you like that kind of attention and hog the treadmill machine overlooking the main road in broad daylight at your public gym located right smack in the city. If you are that person than this article is not for you. You may want to check out my making it wearable series where I post mainly loud bold attention grabbing stuff and making it wearable or just simply making something wearable.

For those who remain carry on reading ;)

I decided to write this article because I only know too well how embarrassing working out in public can be. I was the kid nobody wanted on their team during sports class. (if you don't care why i started writing this article and just want to start getting active scroll to the bottom)

In school sports was about being alert and sharp and quick and knowing when to kick balls or hit balls or throw balls in games I hardly had any interest in. It was about winning medals and recognition for being able to hold a painful position for a certain length of time or leap a certain distance. It was about meeting the national fitness criteria.

At 12 years of age this meant very little to me when my hips were getting wider my chest sadly, did not seem very motivated to do much and I was starting to notice boys alot more. In other words that hideous word puberty was happening.

It affected my self-esteem and I abhorred sports class it was a period for self-inflicted humiliation. I was not training to become an Olympic athlete. Why should I feel small just because I was simply not good at sports like my peers?

My torture for the next four years of my life continued until I went to Polytechnic and thank God no more sports, no more feelings of embarrassment when I failed to score a goal because I threw a ball and it hit someone.

The downside during the first year of no more Sports Class I noticed I was eating ALOT in between classes and during breaks and after classes. I would go down extra early to grab the chicken wings before it was sold out and I drank vast quantities of bubble tea. It was not surprising I began to feel rather flabby and unhealthy. I also fell ill more often. I had to admit as much as I hated sports it had good benefits. So what kind of sports could I do which would not make me want to hide in a hole and hide?

My solution: Try everything.

Since the normal routes others were taking such as swimming (I cannot swim), basketball, captain’s ball, volley ball (basically any sort of ball games I suck at it caused me humiliation) the only ball game I can reasonably play well is hockey because it involves hitting a ball with a stick. I am also good at archery I love shooting arrows.

I decided to follow my own path. I shall create my own exercise regime, which I can do at my own pace whenever I want. Nobody would make me feel small again because I could not catch up, was not better than others or simply not interested in it. TV, Books and Youtube were fantastic gold mines for that.

I got into yoga and can do Salute to the Sun from memory I am currently in the intermediate stage. I also love Shiva Rea’s core work out from Youtube. It is so fun to do it is like being on a rocking horse!

I also did free style dance for a period of time moved into belly dance (I bought a full range of belly dance CDs from beginners to intermediate).

When I started working I got money so I signed up for a 1 year gym membership. Working out at the public gym was better as it was small and there were no windows. But it was hard to drag myself down after a long day after work. I also felt insecure about working out in a place where others could watch what I was doing or not able to do.

But I liked the muscles I got from working out and I like feeling that high after a good work out.

When my membership came to an end. I had to find a new way to exercise. I decided not in public but at home. The answer was to go back to the work outs I did during my polytechnic years.

I dug out my old yoga book and went to search Youtube. I realized I was more into aerobics style of dance mixed with erotic, exotic dance. I love PUMP IT UP! It the perfect combination for me just when I get bored the routine changes!

The Japanese magazines I loved occasionally had dance/exercise routines I loved doing these. It is cheesy but so so fun! When done repeatedly you can really work up a sweat!

Find a type of physical activity you really love and make it into your exercise routine! No pressure just follow how it makes you feel! Most of my exercises involve comfortable clothes, a mat to prance on and great music! Have fun!

Want to check out the videos I work out to? Just view the Exercise playlist I created :) I recommend doing the Shiva Rea Sun Salutation followed by the Radiating Abs Work Out Than on to the Pump It Up part 1 to 3! If you still have energy after that you can give the dance moves by Beyonce, Korean Girl Bands etc a spin!

Remember even if you can't score straight goals or do 20 push ups without stopping you are still beautiful! And you deserve to stay fit on your own terms.


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