Saturday, November 12, 2011

Traumatized from Childhood: Lizard in My Cereal!

I am crazy about Lucky Charms!

I am not talking about charm bracelets but cereal! But wouldn't it be nice to have a lucky charm bracelet with all these?
It is not ordinary cereal/cornflakes which is pretty much the same thing repeatedly. Like cocoa crunch (which I also adore I can finish the whole box in 3 days! and has sore throat on day 4 -_-) or Honey Stars (honey dipped stars! hoho!) but Lucky Charms has marshmellow shaped in rainbows and 4 leaf clovers and ice cream shapes all together with whole grains for healthy breakfast. Okay I cheat I just eat the whole thing like that I don't pour it in milk like the traditional way of eating cereal because I am lazy to go out and buy milk instead if I really feel guilty and my throat is itchy from eating it dry I shall just pour it in my chocolate milk. Chocolate milk and milk is two different things.

I don't just love it because of the various colored marshmellow bits but I loved it simply because of a childhood incident. It makes me feel like I won lottery when I found this box of Lucky Charms at Marketplace, ION.

You see when I was a kid I saw Lucky Charms (that time it had a wizard) I was like: "I want I want I want!" and my parents being adoring and loving me like crazy agreed. So I brought the box back home happy as a happy kid can be. I decided I wanted to eat it for supper so my dad got the milk ready and I poured it in a bowl and ate the cereal. Than I went to bed.

The next day I was excited because I remembered how fantastic the cereal was and wanted it for breakfast too. I hopped to the kitchen to find my dad standing and frowning at my box of Lucky Charms. I was like: "I want I want I want for breakfast!"

And my dad was like: "No I don't think you can."

I was like 0_O supper can but breakfast can not? Makes no sense.

So I went up to him and looked in the box and LO AND BEHOLD I saw an image which would make most kids swear off Lucky Charms FOREVER.


I was feeling shocked and pissed how dare HE (Lizards were all male to me when I was a kid) eat my cereal when it was my first time eating it and how dare HE do it when I was sleeping! (completely irrelevant point since HE could eat it anyway whether I was sleeping or not sleeping)

At this point my dad was taking the box of cereal: "You can't eat this anymore."

I was like: "NOOOOOOOOOOO!"

He walked towards the rubbish chute.

I was like: "Can't we just take the lizard out and than eat the cereal."

My dad gave me a firm look and said: "It is CONTAMINATED."

The box of cereal lizard and all was than unceremoniously thrown into the rubbish chute.

The lizard must have died a happy death and gone to marshmellow heaven.

I on the other hand felt emotionally traumatized. To this day I still get heart palpitations when I see a box of Lucky Charms. I suspect I shall still feel this way when I am 81 so if I have heart conditions (*knock wood*) as an 81 year old woman I would have to stay away from Lucky Charms. Can you imagine? An old lady hobbling into Marketplace sees Lucky Charms smiles rather alarmingly, clutches heart and collapses to the ground. A box of Lucky Charms lying but her side. Death by Lucky Charms.

Thank God I have only ever seen it at atas Marketplace in ION apparently rich people like Lucky Charms too or rather rich people's kids.
What is you favorite cereal? And do you have any traumatizing childhood stories to tell?


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