Saturday, December 24, 2011

Glitter like Gold this Christmas!

Glitter is something I have always loved. I bought different types of glitter over the years but it only recently when I decided to do a make up tutorial on it. Since New Year is coming soon and Christmas is just tomorrow *gasp* I decided to post a tutorial on a very sparkly magical glittery look. Sure to make everyone unable to take their eyes of you on that special occasion!

You do not need alot of tools to create this look just need lots of patience and scotch tape (remove excess glitter) so above are the tools used! Not in the video was the golden eye shadow which I would recommend to use as layering over the glitter to even out the goldness of the eyes you can also use as a base than layer the glitter on top. Either way just make sure you have something gold-ish with you.

Enjoy and have a truly magical Christmas!


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