Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tips to Shopping For Christmas

It is a well known fact that I enjoy shopping. ALOT.

I also like getting good deals and having new stuff.

Okay anyway the point is I decided to type out a post because I have been feeling guilty on the lack of words there are the posts I have been putting up.

Than why don't you type more words to go with the post?

The thing is I have this idea that people would rather see photos that read my words. And you know that phrase a photo means a thousand words. Okay a picture not a photo but whatever. Who cares?

Today I am going to at least make this post meaningful and useful not just about how bored I feel or how much I love shopping because I am not really into blogging feelings and stuff (if you have not already noticed haha)

So today's topic is dedumdumdummmmm!!!

Shopping for Christmas Present!

Yes I know its late but better late than never if you have already shopped you can always keep this tips for next year and the next year and the next year for infinity!!!

Tip #1:
Know The Person you are Getting the Present For
This may seem very obvious but it is really very important since giving presents to strangers is not something we all do. So you have to know the person well to get a good gift and have a hope that the person who actually love the gift.

For example take my friend Kelly for instance she love Paris, Eiffel Tower more specifically and Traveling. So I got her something to do with both since she has not received the item yet (no thanks to slow slug snail shipping) I cannot say exactly what the item is as she may read this and spoil surprise. I have already hinted what the present is and she told me most firmly to keep the present for her and not give it to anyone else. So anyway you must know, really know what the person you are getting the present for really likes.

Tip #2:
Don't Buy The Same Gift For Everyone unless it is Generic People
I know it is simpler to just walk into The Body Shop and get the same or similar bath and soap set for everyone. Just don't do it. Can you imagine?

B: Hey Stacy what did Sheila get for you on Christmas?
Stacy: Bath and Soap Set from Body Shop. What about you?
B: The same was it the White Musk set?
Stacy: Yea.

Deng Deng Deng!

Busted. It is worse if they happen to all go and drink coffee together and discuss this matter. So what did ABC get for you on Christmas? Another The Body Shop gift set? I don't think so.

What about Generic People?
Generic people are those nameless and faceless people who are very numerous. So when you get gifts for them it would apply to companies with many head counts like 50 and above and so buying in bulk seems the best option. So get everyone a similar gift. It makes sense.

Tip #3:
Label Your Gifts
Again a very straightforward step but if you are like me who does not have that appreciation for buying different wrapping paper at all times of the year. Yea we may end up wrapping all the gifts in the same wrapping paper. You don't want to mix things up and end up giving a Floral Scented Diary to Eric and a War Craft Game to Alison who loves gaming as much as getting shipwrecked in a desert storm.

Thats about all the stuff I can think of for now may update here when I have more time. Off to get pretty for a session of feasting on Crabs!

Have a Happy time Shopping!

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