Sunday, January 08, 2012

lying competitions

This is a lying competition I saw on niotillfem and it is all in Swedish. So just run it through the Google Translator. It is so so fabulous!

Basically it is just taking a photo of yourself and an object and lying about what that object and yourself have to do with each other!


Here are some extracts that I am sharing with you.

Maia . This is my magic wand, that I use to do magical things! Just like Harry Potter! I tend to fight big nasty troll in the woods and magic of my room to make it clean for I'm too lazy to do it yourself!
Emma. I am wearing my helmet, which is my best instrument in the fight to save Sweden's mermaids. I got the tooth mice instead of a guldtia, when I lost my last baby tooth. Apparently the interior is full of tiny electrodes that capture every thought that is thought of a mermaid. It is amazingly handy to keep track of where they intend to swim next.
Sam. Me and my little brother. He crossed my mom for the last time after this. There are no empty Threats at my house!
Jenny . This is Sakura, she is a glowing circus director and has taught me walk the tightrope and juggle with tiny shrimp. Sometimes she invites to tea when she feels that things are going well and then you all take part.
Sophie. My coffee cup and me. It once lived in a dollhouse, but one day put some thunder honey in it instead of coffee. The result was as you see, it was strong and grew, fell in love with the contact with my lips. Adult cup.
Moa . This is me and my husband. We have been married for four years, and we have 14 children together. We have everything a married couple should have, volvo, dog, house and children. We live the finest life together, and kiss, just like in the picture, all the time. I love my husband!
Faz . My name is Faz and I have fairy dust in my hand. Once a week I have fairy training so I shake Fairy Dust Into my mojito and climb Into a cupboard Where The Fairy Army Training ice. Sometimes after training all of us fairies climb Into a hot tub and get very, very drunk.
Milla. This Is Elvis, I had to rescue HIM from being shipped to the Moon. But for me to do that I had to make heaven Into Something Else so thats it would go unnoticed. So I Borrowed my Fairy Godmothers wand and "Bibbedi Bobbedi Boo" there he was, around my neck looking fabulous!
Cornelia . this is me and my secret friend "smoke-a-lot" which I bought in Istanbul when I was there in transit during my interrail 1978-1985. because I did not manage to put a cigarette in his mouth so I bought him which was one of the best things I have done when he acts like a cigarette, clean aesthetic that is. He always helps me to take nice photographs when required smoke and he does so always with flying colors.

For the rest you can click to the blog it is run through the google translator for easy reading.


The competition is not open to Singaporeans but it seems too fun not to join in so here is my own version haha
This is a teleportation device should I wish to travel anywhere in the world I just have to open the top and reach inside the hole and wish and wish myself into another world surrounded by bronzed Gladiators wearing nothing but green moss.
how was your weekend?


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