Friday, February 17, 2012

Help I Have Nothing to Wear!

Ever have one of those I don't have anything to wear days?

*puts* hand up.

Feel guilty when confronted by all the money spent on just clothes?

I have a couple of solutions to this problem which I want to share.

I have alot of skirts, dresses and shirts which I am not quite sure how to style, or I have always styled it in one way and it has got BORRRRIIIINNNNGGGG.

Here is what I do. Find inspiration online to style the dress, shirt, skirt whatever in a kickass way and make it feel new again!

1) Youtube.

Yes. Here are some videos which teach you how to style anything from shirts to turbans!

10 ways to style a pencil skirt
(fine, its from Christmas season but DARM those heels paired with that skirt!)

How to wear a button up (a.k.a) boring G2000 shirt
(addictive music and killer style!)
Dying for more? Check out 10 ways to wear a white button-down.

Steal the style with Stealing Style / Denim (chillax music and practical tips)

Lookbook video by Evelina is really sweet and gives a feel good vibe :D

2) lookbook

Actually not just lookbook but the whole freaking internet inspires me here is some of my favorite fashion inspiration sites:

thecherryblossom girl (she is French, designs her own sexy lace lingerie and has the most adorable shoe collection!), niotillfem (has not been updated for some time but I adore her photos gives off such a care free feel), seaofshoes (fine, you probably heard of her not exactly accessible fashion but she's my guilty pleasure), starbucks & jane austen (lovely time capsule of a blog filled with stunning, personal visuals the history pages are worth perusing), blueisinfashionthisyear (blue blue blue blue), Nylon (Its Nylon! LOVE), Jak&Jil (zoom in on the details and catches it all so wonderfully), VanessaJackman (mentioned her before LOVED her photos!) , fashiontoast (I visit her daily she influenced my nude nothing colored fetish) , PeonyLim (she has got such a lovely face, eyes, hair everything), Inspiretyfashion (so inspired by Lace Dress and retro girly!), my own website haha I get inspired by myself! #shameless

3) People
No html links needed just good eye sight and a visually stimulating environment. I love sitting with a bunch of girlfriends and street watching or just simply slipping on some shades and checking out what people are wearing stealthily.

Have a great weekend!

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