Sunday, March 04, 2012

DIY Idea #1: Decorate a Blank Wall

DIY DIY! I have been wanting to DIY since checking this beautifulmess

I wanted to have a beautiful wall of displays previously it just had one Coldplay poster on it. SO on Saturday using my creative juices I crafted a memory board!

This is part guide and part process I made some mistakes which I shall share as I go along.
It is super easy to do. Just check out your wall color and get ready a set of complimenting colors you can start with a base, in my case yellow and build your color palette around that.
I used:
1) my old foam board from some leftover project I did for school more than 3 years ago!
2) Some left over plastic from lamination gone wrong (part of it jammed so I had to pull out from laminator felt wasteful so I kept the left over plastics)
3) Scotch tape & double side tape & pretty patterned tape (make sure you have LOTS of tape!)
4) Blue Tack (any good brand)
5) Construction paper ( I used large pieces for the yellow and smaller scraps as accents, the red had an irregular shape so it gave the whole piece an interesting look)
6) Scissors (sharp ones)
7) 3M Command White Hook (get from any Home-Fix store did not have this one initially regret super alot!)
8) Ribbon / String about 40cm long
Start DOING:

Okay now for the fun part I used the yellow and covered the whole board secured with tape. You may want to use double sided tape for extra secure-ness. This is a step that I missed haha MISTAKE #1. The scotch tape started to come undone :(

For the left over white portions I used green and blue colored paper to cover it up and finally my red irregularly piece of scrap. FINISHED!

You can start attaching memorabilia to it NOW!

Or you can make some kind of pocket to tuck in love letters whatever.

Take two plastic pieces and scotch tape three sides leaving an opening for you to slot the stuff in. I reinforced it with purple shimmering tape! Attach to board with more shimmering tape or simply use blue tack to stick it on the board (what I did initially).

Okay finally I secure it to the wall with blue tack. BIG MISTAKE #2!

After attaching more and more stuff to it the weight go too heavy and the whole thing dropped to the FLOOOR!

I tried to re-attach it to the wall but FAILED.

So I simply put it on my make-shift computer table in the living room. This is where I do all my blogging.

Than totally unhappy with the blank blue wall I decided to attach all my favorite postcards from my collection to it in some kind of vague pattern.

I liked it but I wanted my MEMORY BOARD ON THE WALL!Today I went to Home-Fix and got some 3M Command White Hooks which are the BOMB! They cost below SGD10 for 6 and are re-usable just change up the adhesives and you can hook other stuff up! Comes with noob-friendly instructions too!

In less than 5 mins I had the hook on my wall and wait...1 hour (following instructions the adhesive needs to settle on the wall) than hang my memory board up with ribbon!
Some of my wall details :)
Drawing done by my pupil for teacher's day last year :)

Have a great Sunday!

Go try some DIY project and let me know!



QT said...

buahahaha i saw my wedding photo! xD ♥

ccbeautyy said...

Hello QT! Yupz its a super chio photo to put in some drawer seemed so wasteful so I put it up on the Memory Wall!