Monday, March 19, 2012

I Still Wish For Curls

I know I wished long ago to have curls ... I still wish on! People always ask me if I rebond my hair and no my hair is always straight. It has been straight since forever but when I was a kid and a teen my hair would "qiao" at the ends because it was too short so the hair would bounce and sort of curl but is it the super chio Guess model curls? No :(

More like it made me feel like this:
Here is evidence in my secondary school photo. HAHA I know its small but am lazy to go scan it so photobooth it. But you can see the hairstyle! Center part and qiao! OMG!

So I continue to quest for a easier way to curl my hair this time I want heat free.

I found some plastic rollers at like SGD2 for 6 so I thought just give it a try...

Wah lau now I know no man will want marry me liao. I tried to sleep like this but it is super uncomfortable so I just leave it on for like 3 hours...
When it is off not bad leh quite alot of volume! But not very curly. Okay now method two!

Rag Rolls!

OMG now really no man will want to marry me liao! HAHA! Okay maybe I take off my spectacles can still attempt to look cute.

Okay now so I sleep than in the morning I take it off! Ermmm....
It is kind of more curly on one side and less on the other....

After quick fix with hair spray and curling iron.

Verdict quest for curly hair with no heat continues....

What crazy ways have you tried to get curly hair???


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