Sunday, March 04, 2012

Salad Madness

I have been high on salads for the past week.

Yes you might be wondering:

Why you so skinny still want to eat salads?

Most people eat salads to replace their normal three meals. I will NEVER do this.

I eat my normal three meals which usually are:


If you can break my meals up you must be a genius! And yupz those are my normal diet when I am at home or go out to eat or have cravings or have already eaten and mouth is itchy or found seat on sofa infront of TV and must eat something or had a bad day or PMS or just infront of me.

You get the picture I am an emotional, compulsive, very ordinary eater.

Than now I am into salads. So on top of what I usually eat I shall eat my salad sometimes after dinner sometimes after breakfast. Not lunch because I would have to dabao it to work and I don't like to do that. Salads MUST be eaten fresh. I insist!

So I use:

Crispy Crisp Lettuce
Cherry Tomato
Olive Oil (Original) or Thousand Island Dressing

Everything from Cold Storage. I do have a favorite tomato brand but I threw away the box and I cannot remember it but when I see it (rectangle plastic box) I know its the ONE.

How to prepare it:

1) Wash all fruits/vegetables properly. Don't want to eat any caterpillars by accident.
2) Squeeze the lettuce with your hands or spoon. Don't want to dilute your dressing with leftover water.
3) Now put all the fruits/vegetables in a pretty bowl.
4) Add the dressing and mix it up.

Now I sit in front of the TV with something that I really want to watch and eat my salad.

Attempting fusion by adding bakwa and bread to make a sandwich! Its divine.

Go make your own salad! Its super simple and brings you energy boost, glowing skin, helps retain moisture better in super dry skin (no creams or moisturizers could work properly for me but after adding more greens to my diet my skin has improved) and did I mention it takes less than 5 mins to make if you have all your ingredients ready. Stuff some of those salads in your mouth!


p.s: Will be on vacation to Cameron (home of strawberries, cherry tomatoes, lettuce!) and KL (shopping!) until Tuesday!

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