Saturday, March 03, 2012

What I use On my Face and Body

Today has been a relaxing Saturday doing some diy ideas to decorate the house.

Involves flower motifs, rainbow colored paper, old musical tickets, photographs, post cards, shimmering tape and lots and lots of blue tack. Shall post pictures up real soon.

Now I am going to share with you skin care products I have been using since January till now and my skin has been fabulous so I suppose something must be right. Must share right?

Okay here goes,

Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion and Milk. This is from their Super Hyaluronic Acid range and is from the travel pack going for SGD15.90 at Watsons. Marvelous stuff. Makes my skin look all glowy especially when I wake up in the morning (yes I wear this stuff 24/7 except that short time between washing off the make up and going to bed) In fact I am wearing it right now as I am typing this haha.
These are the sometimes I use stuff. The floral guy is from Batam and its for exfoliation you rub it on your skin and all the dead skin bits will just come off. Its good but I am quite lazy so I seldom exfoliate.

The middle one is Hada Labo Hydrating wash also from the same travel pack. It is really creamy and nice does not dry up my skin but I am using another cleanser which is like forever cannot finish and is awesomesauce.

The Premier one is from Dead Sea and it is a sample size for buying the actual large bottle which has been used finish. It is great too smells like how the ocean should smell after you wash your face in it. But I am lazy lah so I am still going through it real slow.
Here is the forever cannot finish facial mashmellow whip from biore. Suppose to like last for 3 months but I have been using it for like 5 months liao (feels like that). It is foaming cleanser and I am foaming cleanser girl has been using foaming since 3 years ago. My previous one was The Body Shop, tea tree one.

Cleans well does not dry my skin and smells like vanilla real happy girlie scent :D
This is a natural body scrub I got from Batam and it is what the locals use (I assume) it was the last bottle on the shelf so despite dubious looks I went ahead and bought it! Best choice ever as I have dry skin this helps exfoliate without stripping the skin too much of moisture. Feels like baby skin after. The smell is also freaking beautiful! It smells like how tropical floral bathing should feel. If you can tell me where I can get this in Singapore or Malaysia you will become my ultimate heroine/hero!
Mentioned I had dry skin so its gotta be moisturized all the time! If not it will actually get red, itchy and sore and result in hideous scabs! Arghhh. You don't really see this much in my photos but that's because I have photoshop and know how to use the clone tool. Its like plastic surgery on myself minus the pain and the potential scars. So anyway in the day time I use this Nivea Extra Whitening Body Milk and its good I finished the whole bottle already.

That wraps up the body care skin care stuff I have been using.

Have a great Saturday!


Conietta Vyonella said...

hei, mustika ratu is from indonesia, i think they dont sell in other country, or you can buy in
hope they help

ccbeautyy said...

Hello you are my HEROINE LOL will purchase from online :))))) Thank you!