Friday, May 11, 2012

My Mobile Snapshots from End March to May

Sorry for the lack of updates have been plagued by exam stress and fever. To make up for it I am gonna share my mobile snapshots from end March to May.

And nope they are not taken nor instagram-ed or filter-ed by apps in an iphone. It was taken by a nokia with buttons and screen size the length of my thumb (what century are you living in?) I had a phone crisis earlier this year and it would take an entire blogpost and a couple of sessions with an anger management counselor for me to talk about it. I suspect once I get an iphone (what?! you don't have one!) I will totally go crazy with it. I LOVE taking photos and messing around with it on photoshop (by this I mean brightening it and resizing it) it is one of those things I am actually good at hence I can get real fussy over lighting and camera angles and stuffs.

Anyway enough rambling I present you my dinner 31 March, Sarturday. That cranberry sauce in the glass was to die for.
This was tea break on 18 March, a Sunday afternoon.
The largest cookie in the world! Almost larger than that cup of coffee!

This was taken on 24 March, Saturday in Marina Bay Sands VIP toilet (hur hur I mean handicapped toilet) the lighting was fantastic. Was dressed up to go clubbing at Avalon.
Blazer is from Cotton On and dress is from gmarket. Necklace from Talisman at Far East Plaza.

On 15 April, Sunday took some shots from Scawaii magazine which I bought for cheap at a bookshop in Berjaya Times Square, KL. Have not blogged about my trip there in March but I am sure I will get around to it soon.
On 2 May, Wednesday I received pants, skirt, pants, pants! I know thats many many pants and there is still more to come! I am on a pants kick.

Okay this one was from Gmarket and took like a century to arrive. I must have aged don't know how many years before it arrive. Okay okay I exaggerated it took like more than 20 days to arrive which is forever!
Gorgeousss colors unfortunately the wine colored one was too tight and short for me and the blue one was just too short.

Concurrently my first ever ASOS haul arrived! It was *goes speechless* my friend had been yakking about it and I just did not get it. But when my first EVER purchase came I just became totally hooked. Will share a little later.

On 15 April. Here I am snapping pictures when I am suppose to be trying on pants (told you I am addicted to pants which I bought in the end) at Uniqlo.
Shirt worn as blazer (this look I am so addicted to it) from H&M. Red top from F21. Jeans from F21. Bag from New Look and ring from VivoCity. Ohhh and my hair I think this was day 2 when I first got the bob.

Okay ASOS first purchase EVER. Made purchase on 21 April, shipped on 23 April and arrived on 2 May. It was during the Mid-Year Sale so I got heavy discounts! Got a red skirt (SGD19.80) and jeans in black with electric blue flowers all over (SGD41.80 expensive for me but I LOVED it too much!). Wanted floral pants since forever and was so happy to finally get them! It is now out of stock on the website what can I say I have got good taste :)

This was taken on 1 May and it the first time I went to the istana! (Singapore equivalent of the white house).  I wore my new payless predictions shoes and black dress / crochet top combo from flea market.
After visiting the istana my friends and I headed to the museum where I took these pictures.

Hope you had a great week!


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