Wednesday, June 06, 2012

May Hauls from Kiyo, ASOS and LadiesInn

Okay I am reverting back to using my digital camera to take photos because I think the quality is better and somehow I like that I have greater control over the editing effects and basically I get more kick out of editing photos on a laptop than on device with a screen the size of my palm. Hooray pictures are also getting BIGGER!

You may point out that it is possible for me to take photos with the iphone and than edit them in my laptop but I just think my self photo taking skills look better when taken from digital camera. hehe. So when friends tell me that once I get an iphone I would abandon my digital camera and dslr apparently this does not really apply to me.  I am going to use all of them. wahahahahahahaha.

***Rambling about lack of updates in May If you don't care just scroll down***
On to catching up since May I realized I only posted like one post. But still its a pretty good post if I say so myself and I was having major exams in May (its like if you fail it can determine whether you get kick out of the school and thus reduce potential of salary increase of about 1.5k) so I can be excused for my lack of blogging. I find that as a teenager or a kid studying failing and passing does not seem quite such a big issue I mean it is not going to affect you concretely that much since we have like a gazilion tests and remedials before the big exams. But studying as a young adult is vastly different failing and passing becomes more concrete and can affect you in almost an instant.

Its like you have all your friends who have already completed their studies and comparing yourself to them (hate to do this but it is inevitable) you realize they are earning like twice your salary simply because they got a degree. Than it HITS you getting qualifications matters. This is something that all through 10++ years of education you may have been preached to but it does not really hit home until you reach young adult hood. It is vastly different to know how "successful" you are not based on your grades A,B or C but $$$$.

Money is not everything but it is important and we cannot do without it.

How often can you visit Europe? $$$$
How often can you splurge on luxury goods? $$$$
How soon can you get married? $$$$
How soon can you have children? $$$$
How many children can you afford? $$$$
How soon can you get a car (in Singapore a car can cost more than a house in US)? $$$$
How soon can you retire? (in Singapore 40% of your salary will be deducted and you cannot touch it until you reach 55 or if you want to buy a house)

How fast you can do all these is dependent on money. Prices are increasing so the best way to cope is to upgrade yourself so your salary can increase faster or get a brilliant idea, exploit it and make big money or simply marry someone rich and sane (how to know if they are sane just make sure they do NOT have 6 Pet Products that Prove Rich People Have gone Insane). Than again you could have a brilliant idea like Pet Wedding Planners and sell it to rich people and get rich from that.
***End of Ramblings***

On 23 May, Wednesday Kiyo had a sale and got my hands on 4 skirts and a pair of white pants.
You can view some of my outfit photos here or you can just scroll down. (My favorite print is the big rose one and I love pairing the skirts with button ups.

On 26 May, Saturday I received two packages with ALOT of stuffs. Okay starting with ASOS package. Its red clown pants, blue ice cream pants and spike harness.

Okay those are all my own names for the items more specifically the red pants is by Vero Moda. The blue wide legged pants is by Oasis and the bracelet is by ASOS. It was broken missing the chain to put around the finger hence no pictures of it. But I LOVE the pants :D

This is an outfit of the day what I wore to work with my favorite Kiyo skirt.

FOTD Yellow and green eyeshadow paired with black eyeliner.

On the same day as the ASOS package I received this package from LadiesInn. I went a little crazy with all the choices and reasonable prices plus they had a gift code which would deduct SGD10 from my entire purchase!
Came with a gift and a thank you note :) and lots of lots of bubble wrap to pop pop pop!

Okay now on 21 May, Monday my mom's b'day so I got a strawberry short cake!

It was delicious!

Hope you have a great week!


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