Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June Weekend at Bintan Day 2

Couple more updates from Bintan trip. I miss that beach so badly :( I will make a trip back soon :)
Check out that romantic set up. I wonder if its for a proposal or for the filming of some Korean drama :D
Okay this rainbow scarf shawl thing I picked up at Pasar Oleh Oleh a really small town for tourists. Its like you keep walking in a straight line for 10 minutes and yes you have come to the end of the shopping area. But having said that shopping there is pretty good as they were having sales in selected shops. For my case I got 50% off this rainbow scarf shawl thing so it cost SGD10 and I also got two bracelets which I took a photo of further down.
Yes it has been edited but I just cannot resist throwing purple and magenta hues over everything! You can view the non magenta version above :D

Have a great week ahead! And what are you waiting for go book a trip to Bintan!


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