Saturday, June 23, 2012

Milkbbi Obsession!

Okay about early June I discovered via seaofshoes, this really cute and fun artist, Justin Wallis who did designs that were just cute cute cute OVERLOAD with a slight bite. Just what I like.

I spent hours just looking at the shop and could not decide what to splurge on and got pissed that the shirts were sold out and than got obsessed with strawberry tights with flies on them.

Yes, I tried to talk myself out of buying them and ended up visiting tumblr and seeing legs covered in these tights popping up here and there. To cut a long story short.

I bought them plus some other stuff :D
The cards were a sweet gift from Justin :D I got the hologram badges super love the big eyes one and Cactus Art Book!

My hot pink kitty cat porch (NOT from the shop) could not resist but join in the fun :)
LOVE LOVE LOVE these super comfortable and fits me FITS ME! considering like 3/4 of my body is made up of leg. I am going to pair them with black rainbow prism converse shoes a.k.a Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon Converse All Stars.

Don't get jealous. Go buy some for yourself!


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