Wednesday, September 05, 2012

My Winter Travel Inspiration #1

sources clockwise from left: clothesencounters, stylesuzi and VeeVeeVogue

Planning for a completely free and easy trip to Korea in November so excited! This will be the first time for me!

I have been looking around for what places to visit and  what to wear there. I am planning to check out the museums, markets and palaces!


But first I wanted to have this space to share some winter wear inspiration and packing tips basically general travel stuff. I have bought my boots (in black) and my jacket (that looks something like this) in black again. I am veering towards wearing my usual monochromatic look  in cooler climates but than again I am open to different styles.

Enough of yakking first up fashion inspiration for myself and for you too.

Winter Lookbook by VeeVeeVogue (love the color combinations in these!)
Winter Lookbook by StyleSuzi (I adore her accent and her eyes oh ya and her style)
Winter Outfits for School by clothesencounters (so what if it's for school I don't care I LOVE her videos!)
Modern Day Glam Rock Tutorial also by clothesencounters ( sequins and that fur coat that almost killed me I want that coat and that dress!)
Winter Sonata (THE KOREAN drama that started it all) and Secret Garden (LOVE the winter looks! Blue sequin jacket anyone?)
Anastasia (well, cartoons can inspire too I LOVE that it is set in Russia) and The Nutcracker (I thought the pink coat at the beginning of the film was really cute.)

Now on to practical tips for travelling.

Breezing Through TSA Hell: Top Packing Tips by soniastravels (practical and bite sized)
Packing Tips for Warm Weather by wendyslookbook (so what if its for warmer weather? I like what she did with the shoes and with the blazer!)
How to Pack A Carry On Suitcase: Woman's version by SheilaScarborough (roll em' up just roll em')

Okay that's about it!

Hit me in the comments section if you got any places you just cannot wait to fly to.


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