Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My First Free & Easy Trip to Seoul Part 1

Okay finally the Korean pictures are upppp its ALOT but not all of them hehe. Still a bit more to share.

 First Day 24/11/12 

With my friend Kelly in transit at HK air port. There after we headed to Korea, Seoul.

Second Day 25/11/12
Waiting for the bus to take us to Myeongdong than later for our driver to pick us up to our apartment than on to shopping saw the cutest PJ set at F21. Went to Old School to eat a very filling meal it was like fusion Western and Korean food together. And than Kelly did my hair for me pretty :D

Third Day 26/11/12
Off to visit Ewha University super prestigious school or something had gorgeous autumn trees there and buildings that looked like Hogwarts we spent practically the entire day there :D Oh ya we had lunch at this fantastic dumpling noodles shop in Myeongdong there was a long queue but it was worth it there were two kind Koreans who helped us with the ordering by giving recommendations and translating to the Korean waiters what we wanted. They were AWESOME.

Fifth Day 27/11/12
Went to Dongdaemun and basically shopped till we concussed haha caught the 5:30am train back to Myeongdong. Pictures of what was bought later...

Fifth Day 27/7/12
we went to shop around Myeongdong and have dinner of wonderful BBQ which tasted great (to me) but there was lots of miscommunication between us and the waitresses gah they had soup we SAW others  drinking it but they did not have any for us. Maybe coz we did not order beer from them gah than on to Hongdae a place there were lots of local students designs and stuff has more laid back feel compared to Ewha which positively breaths Harvard. Dropped by Hello Kitty Cafe and drank overly sweet beverages with cute faces heh.

Sixth Day 28/11/12  
I decided to wear my new leopard jeggings paired with stripes and some other prints (later you see) I asked Kelly what she thought and she said I looked like some cheena Auntie. LOL I decided to wear it all anyway I am tourist I have immunity to make dubious fashion decisions. Off we went to Namsan Park where we transfixed by the autumn leaves once more and a freaking stream. A real one not with some artificial pump! Singapore why you no have more natural wonders! I felt freaking noob gushing over a stream but hey I grew up where the closest I get to a stream is in a longkang.

I will miss you Namsan Park, Namsan Stream, Namsan Tower, Namsan Stairs, Namsan Leaves, Namsan lamp post, Namsan smell, Namsan locks, Namsan Night, Namsan...

Till next time I am too tired to continue zzzzzz....


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