Monday, January 21, 2013

Skin care Routine Jan 2013

With CNY just around the corner having good skin is a MUST so here is my skin care routine :)

It occurs to me that I have an international cocktail on my face France, Korea, Japan that's not counting the eye make up I use. Make up routine will probably take up its own blog post.

First I wash my face usually with the mashmellow whip thing from Biore and if I can like feel milia and shit building up I will use the Ginvera Tea Tree Gel or Biore scrub depending on my mood.

Followed by Laniege Water Bank Essence, Hada Labo Moisturizer, La Roche Poshey Sun Block Tinted SPF50 and finally Kate Mineral Foundation.

Yes I know the  foundation is technically a make up product but it has skin caring properties so I am just putting up here anyway.

My make up remover is still Ponds which I have been using since 2010 my GOSH!
Here's to having pretty skin.

 xoxo Grace

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