Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Every Occasion Make Up Look in GOLD

I have been attending lots of family gatherings with CNY that just went by and work place related events that require more finesse with applying make up than usual.

Which brings me to this tutorial. Okay I admit I have been lazzzyyy not experimenting with looks like I used too I have been wearing GOLD ALOT.

To work, to weddings, to random meet ups, on holiday. Some times I just switch my eyeliner color around and call it a day. I USED USED to change my eye shadow color multiple times pair it with various shades of eye liner. My old Youtube Tutorials should give you an idea haha =)

So anyway I wear this gold eye shadow look with black eyeliner for those special occasions when I want to look extra glamourous but still very natural. For you drama queens out there you can add fake eye lashes.

Here are the tools I used:
Brushes used:  Large Pink Goat Brush from SASA, blusher brush from KL and brush for nose contouring from The Body Shop (actually an eye shadow blending brush multi purpose uses), Angled Eye Liner brush from Eco Tools.
Building up the base I used these products which I talked about here but ditched the Laniege as it broke me out probably too much moisture combined with hada labo. So I am using my AWESOME ampoules if you follow me on twitter you would know I have been mad about ampoules! This one clarifies and prevents break outs WOOHOOO hello awesome skin! But only problem is the hard to open bottles requires practice to get it right =)

Have a wonderful New Year!


Here's the Video Tutorial on how to Achieve this Make Up

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