Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Random Buys From Jan 2013 till Now

Promised my random purchase blogpost originally I thought of keeping to only electronics but nah am going to just put everything in here haha kill two birds with one stone.

So here are my purchases from Jan till now. Haha quite back dated some of my buys but oh well...

1) Blue Penguin that I got from a candy store in Almiralty super cute has jelly inside. After the jelly is finished I plan to turn it into a candy jar for all kinds of random eats.

2) Table from Groupon which can fold up and be stored away when not in use. Planning to use it for ad hoc flea markets or for home use. Its white so it goes with the furniture in my room.
3) Hehe more candy. This devious fellow caused me sore throat so evil but so cute! Can use this container to store more candy too. I am sensing a theme here with candy containers.

4) Bikini from Gmarket at Fashion Show. Haha love strawberries and stripes. Lightly padded I cannot stand stiff padding so this one was perfect. The red one is more 90s inspired piece with a matching skirt.

Looks like this:

sources from Fashion Show

5) Mac Book Pro 13 inch with Retina Display. My biggest splurge about SGD1500 but I used my old macbook pro to offset the price by SGD450 so I managed to save some on it. I was thankful that my softwares did not need to be upgraded Photoshop and Office worked fine on the latest OS. And yea thats Jenn from clothesencounters on the screen LOVE her show! (oh ya the dog is also from her show so CUTE and he is a CEO)
6) Selphy Printer C900 super compact and comes with printing paper too. I bought this from Gmarket at Gmall during the Digital Fair period. I LOVE it! Will put up a more comprehensive review when I can find the time. I even video taped the process of printing because it was just so cool! It kept going in and out and in again adding layers of colour. BEST PART no need for wires! (except the power cord duh can have option of using batteries too) Wireless printing just download the app into iphone and choose the photo I want and press the print icon and than just wait for the printer to print!
7) Super Drive for Mac book pro. I did not see the point of getting this except my mac book did not have a disc drive. And in order to install all my softwares I needed this so I just swallowed my unhappiness and bought it. No complaints does what it should and works great. Bought from the apple store with education discount cost like SGD 90.
8) This one all from Groupon I have been using ampoules religiously since I started on my Bellabox ones. And I love eco tools brushes. So I bought all the sets. Light weight, Earth friendly and good application plus does not cost a bomb. What more does a woman want?
9) Za Lipsticks bought from Watsons at a steal literally SGD3.30 for each heh so GRAB! First shade is Praline and the other Apricot Nectar. No point buying like Mac brands or what ever atas (fancy) brands when it comes to lipsticks for me since I seldom use them haha but nice to have when I am in the mood.
10) Backpack for school/play got so irritated with the vertical zip in my old backpack. Wore it here in The Boring Outfit Statement Piece Fashion Thing post here's the half-assed pic if you are too lazy to click:
so anyway I got the new one from you guessed it Gmarket! At Lapeid
11) Soaps from Thailand, Terminal 21 which was so nice. I got rose and refreshing. I am using refreshing now its really fresh smelling and wakes me up bonus that the back of the soap doubles up as a scrub as well.
12) Bunch of skirts which I got from Gmarket. Wonderful quality thick and does not reveal VPL. Comfortable enough to wear to work. Got 4 more in other colours.
13) White board thing that I got from Universal Studios sweet shop. I will try and retrieve the picture of the shop may have lost it while backing up my stuff from my old laptop. Gah.
14) Pure 3 in 1 wonder tube of goodness. cleanses, scrubs and masks the face. Awesome for combo skin and girls who use lots of make up. Haha clears the pores of all that gunk.
15) More bikinis haha. This one has nice colors but too bad the padding on the bikini top was too stiff. I don't like. Maybe selling or giving this away.
16) Ipad 2 which I bought from my friend. LOVE IT. I load all my notes in there from lectures and it syncs with my laptop and my iPhone. Oh YES and the games I have on this and the Videos! I could go on and on I just love the iPad. I bought the cherry red case from gmarket at SGD18.90 so worth it! Came with its own matching stylus.

17) Instax I bought from Groupon but the film I got from Gmarket. Hope to use more often in travels and random meet ups :) The photos that come out from this thing are never exactly predictable but that HEY that's what makes it FUN!

Thats all for random buys from Dec to now.

Have a great week!


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