Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shopping on Amazon For the First Time!

Okay mentioned in my Bangkok post I was gonna blog about shopping on Amazon. So HERE it IS!

Some time in March I placed an order for Apple AV adaptor and Amazon basics HD with Ethernet cable. I used Vpost to consolidate my purchases and ship it to Singapore. Total time was about 1 month I paid about 50SGD for shipping and items break down.SGD20 for shipping and SGD30 for products. Worth it because if purchase from apple shop online the adaptor costs SGD54!

So why do I want to buy all these anyway?

I wanted to watch videos on my tv from Ipad. I managed it in the end. Muahahahaha.

I recommend buying electronics from Amazon but must do lots of research first to ensure your product is compatible with the stuff you buy online.

Using reputable middle party to transfer your goods is also recommended if the seller does not ship directly to Singapore. I have heard some people got bad service from Vpost. If you are in doubt perhaps you could do your own research before selecting your shipping company.

But shopping online there is always going to be some risk involved haha but shopping offline too right? You never when some random person want to steal from the store or you get ripped off or your product got defect you never spot and shop owner does not allow you to change the item or you got the wrong size or mirror in changing room give optical illusion when you reach home you realize the dress you got totally makes you look crap in all wrong places. Shopping is pretty risky if you ask me.

Whatever take a chance.

Packages from Amazon at my kitchen sink because only kitchen scissors were sharp enough to cut the tape off these babies!
Objective ACHIEVED!

Shopping on Amazon is pretty AWESOME if you ask me I purchased a Sennheiser Headphones some time in May or June? I forget anyway will talk a bit more next time!

Have a great weekend everybody!


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thanks :)

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