Sunday, July 21, 2013

Daily Snapshots of My Life #1

Photos from Month of March - April 2013

This is a new section I am adding into my blog that is quickly moving from fashion oriented to daily things that capture my eye. Of course I will continue to blog about fashion related stuff but as my life is making a transition my blog will have to reflect that too :)

Pictures mainly from food event Savor, chicken rice and egg by Maverick Chef, sashimi and wagyu beef, new hair colour (changed it again in July will show pictures later). Broken ear piece from Challenger. Showing off my new Singha Beer T-shirt from Thailand. Windmills in Causeway Point. Singapore Flyer agains fluffy white clouds.

Have a good weekend!

 xoxo Grace

 p.s life is beautiful capturing random snapshots of life to remember them by.

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