Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Random Shiz from My Vain Pot Table and Some Buys

Was clearing some of my old stuff from my table some time in March the Beauty Cottage ampoules have all been used up it was good now using some new ones I bought from groupon :)

The Shiseido gel eyeliner is ancient as you can see I used it a couple of times in my youtube videos really got a good bang for my buck it cost SGD35 and I kept it for almost three years. It was my go to product for a nice cat eye back in my early days when I started working. (gosh! I sound so old but turning 25 makes you see things differently.

The Kenzo perfumes were all bought from Thailand Airport. The green bag by Velvet from Zalora their delivery was fast and the delivery man is nice hee :)

Compact powder also from groupon deal by Fasio. Sunblock and the Pigeon powder from pharmacy at the polyclinic . The Taylor Swift, wonderstruck roll on perfume is from Bellabox LOVE it! Very convenient and smells wonderful. I have got the full size perfume from my mom, if you like light floral scents this is the perfume for you.

Have you cleared you drawers recently? What treasures did you find?

 xoxo Grace

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