Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Daily Snapshots of My Life #6

More May Day photos haha. These are rather random potato chips from a friend. Manhattan Fish Market Small Flame my favourite! Pupil's art piece. Salmon from Swensens. My face on an ordinary day and My face on Family Night to do glitter tattoos for the kids and teachers and my own arms alike. Fooling around with loops with a good friend at work. Breakfast of McDonalds while running errands at NBPS with a good teacher friend. Lit flowers upon my book case. Cool anime wall at NBPS. Lock for travels and kiwi fruit. Gifts from friends pink travelling case and pegs for art projects. Collage of friends at Poulet. Finishing off with my mom's (or was it mine? I forget) lobster meal at Swensens.

Random can be beautiful sometimes. xoxo Grace

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