Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Dot Dot Dot Make Up Review

Easing into the month of June I received a package from Groupon for Dot Dot Dot cosmetics. All very innovative packaging although not very practical such as the pink eye shadows case I needed some time to figure out how to open it.

Furthermore the glitters were rather too overpowering for my liking but the shades were rather promising perhaps I can work around that mixing with matte colors from my other eye shadow palettes.

I liked the blushers four chunks of varying shades of pale pink to orange. Gave my cheeks rather natural flush but I am not convinced of how long it would stay on my cheeks have yet to really test it out since the weather is so sweltering any make up I put on my face melts in like 5 seconds once I walk out side in the heat.
What are some make up products you tried?

 xoxo Grace

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