Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sennheiser Px 100-II Review

I received my new sennheiser Px 100-II some time in 12 June from Amazon. The sound quality was great and it came with a black porch :) Was really happy with how portable and easy to use the product was. Will definitely consider purchasing again and recommending it to my friends :)

How did I decide on buying this out of soo many brands in the market?

I kind of cheated. Okay I did do my usual round of going to shops and checking the price of the headphones I even considered Dr Dre at some point but SGD200?!! I am not up for that kind of price but I heard the sound is REALLY good.

Anyway eventually I gave in. I admit. I googled.

And Gizmodo delivered. Like their reviews were everything I needed and I trusted the person reviewing them. Specifically this post. So I made the purchase like immediately. No advertising required to pyscho me into buying the product I just went ahead to get it. So erm..... thanks Google and Gizmodo for helping me decide on the right portable headphones with great sound quality for me. hehe.

Now I do this blogpost so more people may be touched by this. Actually not many haha just typing that to make myself feel better about my readership count. haha.

Total cost: SGD55.43 not inclusive of Vpost shipping from US to Singapore.
With Vpost Shipping (about): SGD75.43 =)

Off to enjoy listening to some good quality sounding music. Nothing beats shutting the noise of the world and just submerging in music.

xoxo Grace

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