Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Outfit #62 Black and White Stripes with Denim Vest

24 September 2014

Simple outfit of white and black stripes paired with a denim vest

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Zalora Singapore Shopping Promotions

Christmas is coming and there is so many websites that have promotions Zalora is one such website. Apart from shopping for friends and family you can also shop for yourself and treat yourself to something extra special!

You can also charge the payment to your Citibank Rewards Card or Citibank Clear Platinum Card to win points.

Currently there is a Zalora Basic promotion where you can buy any 2 or more and get 20% off and #Zalora Oncampus where you can get inspiration on fashion ideas for school.
There is also promotion for $50 off for Auum In salon services and 25% off Sundown Festival Tickets Zalora does not just provide shopping experience it gives you a chance to pamper yourself and experience epic festivals. The deals are updated regularly so do not fret if you have missed out on a deal just check back to the website regularly to see what's new and updated.

Back to the basics promotion. There is lots of neutral shades of colours to choose from my favourite being black so I was literally in heaven with so many black shades to choose from but don't worry if you prefer other colours Zalora has plenty for you to choose from my classic silhouettes. 

Right now off shoulder is in trend and long sleeves for chilly office wear. Just throw on some silver jewellery a cardigan if your office is strict on dress codes and you are good to go.
 Zalora basics also include prints such as stripes and I chose to feature an off shoulder version as it is perfect for after work drinks with the ladies and can transition from day time to night time just change up your make up look with a darker shade of lipstick for night time and take off your blazer or coat you used to cover up during the working hours. So simple. Plus it suits most body types if you don't like off shoulder tops there are plenty of other selections to choose from.
If showing off your shoulders is not your thing how about a bit of the back in this basic cross back tee. Once again you can dress it up by pairing it with dangling earrings or studs if your office is strict on dress codes and simply throw on a blazer at work. After work off comes the blazer and in comes cock tail drinks you can be sure to leave many admiring glances in this simple but sexy top.
If you are still in school and want to look trendy Zalora has an on campus section for you to explore. It has a selection of clothing suitable for school and inspiration on fashion via their instagram feed you can share your ootds and #zaloraoncampus to show off your trendy outfits.

With the wonderful colourful choices you are sure to be turning heads especially that special someone you may have had an eye for.
The instagram feed is full of inspiration not just fashion but lifestyle related. Be sure to follow Zalora on instagram for the latest in lifestyle and fashion tips.
Welcome to the campus hottie page where you can transform your outfits from boring to head turning. Just simple scroll down to see what's up.
 Zalora has a selection of colours and prints as well as styles right now the strappy camisole top is pretty on trend we can see so many versions of it here the pretty lavender colour will ensure you stay ahead of the rest.
If you don't like lavender you can also choose other colours or other styles if you prefer a more conservative fashion style.

For me I think this is great style to rock in school its not too boring and you can pair with jeans or a cute skirt or even shorts. Throw on a jean jacket or cardigan for cold lecture rooms and you are good to go. This top is also a good foundation piece for any wacky extreme jewellery you want to rock such as ear cuffs or body chains since its simple and does not have any bold prints.
If simple is not your thing and you like bold the next item will probably make you happy. The cream pine apple print boxy t shirt. You can totally dress it up with jeans or down with shorts the neutral palette can match with anything you desire.

It reminds me of spongebob's house in bikini bottom which drew me to this top if you are a fan but think wearing spongebob's face on your shirt is too childish this top is totally for you its a subtle nod to spongebob in bikini bottom.
So what are you waiting for come to Zalora and Shop now!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Outfit #61 Black Leather and Red Checks

18 September 2014

My get up of black top and red checks. The red checks were from Cotton On and super cheap price of $10. It is easy to match with anything!

Hope you have a good week ahead!


Monday, October 27, 2014

Shop For SKII on Zalora

Zalora not only sells clothing and shoes it sells skincare as well. Such as the famous SKII brand.
Shop according to concern or product:
Concerns include Texture Refinement to ensure skin texture is at optimum level.

Firmness Power which ensures skin is firm to the touch and not saggy.

Wrinkle Resilience ensures that skin is smooth and free from wrinkles.

Radiance ensures skin has a youthful glow.

Finally Spots Control Ensures that you have unblemished skin. Say goodbye to pimples.
They even have a selection of products specially for men. They have an easy to navigate page, which is the SKII men boutique.
Shop from a variety of SKII products mask or miracle water
Enjoy the benefits of Pitera™their secret ingredient to youthful looking skin.
According to the official SKII website in the 1970s, SKII scientists started to find out what was the most essential ingredient to give beautiful skin for every women.

Their search led them across land and sea however despite extensive searching they still could not find the answers. The answer remained nature's unspoken secret.

Finally one day the Scientists found themselves in a simple sake brewery where by chance they saw the soft and youthful hands of aged sake brewers. The extraordinary sight was what inspired them to manufacture a skin care line that would uncover these miracles.

The incredible sight of the aged sake brewer's smooth hands with their wrinkled faces became imprinted in the Scientists minds.

Back at the laboratory, they guessed that the secret ingredient must come from the fermentation liquid that the brewer's hands were in constant contact with during the sake fermentation process.

An intensive search of over 350 yeast was carried out before the researchers discovered the unique yeast strain that gave the answer to perfect skin.

It was the birth of what would become known as Pitera™. The quest to find the secret ingredient was over but another age of discovery was to come.
Now this wonderful discovery can be your's in the shape of glass bottles filled with miracles of Pitera™.
Simply select the product of your choice add to bag and its yours to take home you can even enjoy free shipping with your product. There is also a selection to gift the item as a present to someone special.
What are you waiting for go 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Outfit #60 Blue Shirt and Tulle Skirt

17 September 2014

Simple outfit of blue shirt and tulle skirt out to to town. I paired it with a black bag and thats about it!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Outfit #59 Black And White Top with Jean Shorts

Outfit of the day 10/9/14 with hair extensions bought from @haarattic on Carousell. Cost like $1.90 each.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Outfit #58 Lilac Dress with Lace Details

13 September 2014

Basically a lilac coloured dress with lace floral pattern down the front and a black border. Easy and effortless to style. Paired it with nude sandals and a black bag and I was good to go.

Ate a rainbow cake that day at Dean and Deluca.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Shopping For Mimosa Shoes on Zalora

Chic and easy to match Mimosa shoes are a must get for every trendy girl. It is extremely affordable as well costs just $19.90 to get these shown here.
I particularly like the Linnea Flower Lace Ups with its floral tip and secured with black laces. Can be matched with any outfit and adds a girly vibe.
To order it is very simple just choose size and than add to bag. Make payment and you are ready to be on your way to being more stylish and fashion forward.
Now you can get a $10 voucher just be subscribing to the newsletter and get updated on latest Zalora news! What are you waiting for faster subscribe and than shop for more Mimosa Shoes. There is like 300 over Mimosa items found on Zalora!