Monday, January 19, 2015

Great Products For Less Plus Updates on Skincare Routine in 2015

Okay I have been wanting to post about these for some time since 29 September 2013 to be precise. I have discovered some skin care products which have similar effects for cheaper. ALOT cheaper. Forgive the rather hastily taken photos but these are the only ones I have at the moment I cannot take any additional photos as I have already used and disposed the products. Thats how much I loved the products!

The Vichy Bi White Med Deep Corrective Whitening Lotion I got from Bella Box and it works pretty well while the Syahirah Serum UV Cerah or UV White Serum looks exactly the same as Vichy and works too! I got it from Watsons in Malaysia cost less than SGD20 and comes with Day Cream and Cleanser too in one pack.

Both whitens the skin so if you are short of cash you can give the Syahirah Serum a try not going to do a swatch here as it will look like I got a drop of water on my hand. The serum is also available on this website.
The next item is the La Roche Posay Melt In Cream UVIDEA XL SPF 50 this cost ALOT. I am not going to lie I think about SGD35.90 feel free to correct me if I am wrong but it was hands down the most expensive sunblock I have ever used.

So what happened was I got sick and had to go to the polyclinic and I found the Sun Sense Daily Face Invisible Tint Finish Sunscreen for about SGD18.90 (I think very sure its less than SGD20) and I have been using it ever since. When you swatch the item the appearance and consistency is almost the same and both is also tinted which is nice.

Here is my skin care routine since 5 September 2013 and as you can I see I am still using the sunscreen till 2015. Now I have included the following products into my skin care routine. I got these products some time on 5 October 2014 the Loreal Youth Code Boosting Essence which I heard is a dupe for the Lancome Genifique cannot say much about Lancome as I have not used it but my skin is brighter and more radiant since I used this Boosting Essence! 

I also like to add the Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti Aging Serum on top. I prefer the consistency a more liquid like texture to the Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Serum although lots of people (meaning like Cheesie and Aud) swear by it. I find the Wrinkle Relaxing Serum more firming to the skin compared to the Anti Aging Serum good as a primer I suppose but I don't really like how stiff it feels on the skin. Maybe it just shows that its working on my wrinkles firming them out. I have got mixed feelings on that product I want to like it and believe it works but I just don't like the texture and how it feels on my skin.

Anyway my foundation is no longer the Garnier BB cream I have since changed it to Kate Mineral Foundation (now sadly discontinued but I can get it on Carousell) and toner and moisturiser to Hada Labo you can see some of the products I am using in this blogpost you can tell I am a loyal customer sticking to what works for my skin.
For mask I am using the Lush Cupcake mask that makes me look like a cookie monster smeared cookie dough on my face.

Not pretty but great for the skin. Have not found a cheaper alternative to that one yet. Do let me know if you have found it.

Have a great day!


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