Monday, March 30, 2015

Simple and Chic Updo with Daiso Pins

Today I shall show you some pins that I got from Daiso some time back. It looks like this and you are suppose to insert the larger pin on half your hair followed by the smaller pins to secure the rest of the hair.
Comes with simple instructions to follow just grab the pin and twist it in as shown in the picture below.
You will get the following effect sorry if it is a little messy.

What do you think? For $2 I would say it is pretty worth it to create a simple and chic up do.


Monday, March 09, 2015

Shopping On Zalora for Stila Products

Here is yet another brand that Zalora is selling on their website. It is the famous Stila brand. I have always wanted to try their products out but I am not going to lie its on the higher range. However they do sell a bunch of products in a pack so that you can get more bang for your buck.
So Stila is under the brand of Sephora which is selling on Zalora so you got three big brands working together. Better yet there is discount on their item like the Stila Glitz Lipglaze Set is selling for SGD39 instead of SGD55 and you get to try so many pretty colours. You can get it and share it with your girl friends!

The applicator tip is pretty precise so it makes putting on the lip colour very easy. If you have not tried Stila products before starting with their lip glaze is a fun and easy way to try their product. It is also low commitment unlike skin care products that take much longer time to finish up. Furthermore you can also give them away as gifts.

The next product is something that I always wanted to try. It is the One Step Correct Skin Tone Correcting Serum. It is such a pretty item with swirls of colors that blend into one potion. Perfect for correcting discoloured skin it is supposed to brighten, nourish and prime the skin for make up. 

It looks like such a fun product to use and multi purpose as well functioning as a serum and a primer for make up.

If you cannot get enough if this pretty product they also have the One Step Bronze Skin Tone Illuminating Bronze Serum this product can smooth fine lines and wrinkles it contains Youth Revival Bio-Available Mineral Complex which is a trademark of Stila. This supposedly can give your illuminated skin as well as wrinkle free skin. You can start protecting your skin from harmful ageing effects while maintaining that bronzed appearance.

The swirls have three shades of bronze toned colours so your complexion should look natural after applying this product.
Besides interesting skin/make up products Stila also has awesome head turning eye colours. I love gold colours and this one comes with a primer. So you can get more bang for your buck this one is a cream eye shadow with a gorgeous metallic finish perfect for any festive occasion or hot date. 

Besides gold eyeshadows are easy to neutralise with Earth tone colours making it more wearable. The primer that is provided ensures the colour stays vibrant and lasts the whole day.
Here is another gorgeous colour in blue this also comes with the primer. You can pair it with purple eye shadows or for dramatic look with black for a smokey eyed effect. There are so many ways you can wear this blue eye shadow and it would definitely add more jazz to your usual neutral colour palette. I have at least four different shades of blue eye make up and it definitely keeps my make up routine fresh.

Note how pigmented it looks with a nice shimmer to it. Such a pretty colour. I like this zoom in feature that Zalora has making the product look absolutely stunning. You can also apply this zoom in to other products on Zalora it makes shopping online that more fun and interactive.
My final product is pretty understated but who does not love a good old eyebrow colour? This one is felt tip unlike the usual eyebrow pencil. Yay! No need to sharpen! Plus its waterproof so it will not budge. The felt tip makes it very easy to apply the colour to the brows and who knows? maybe you can double it as a liquid eyeliner? who is to judge right? Multi function products are always a plus.

As always I link you up with where you can get all these goodies down below