Thursday, April 30, 2015

I Wish My Hair Was Blue

10 November 2014
I wish I had blue hair so I went ahead and dyed it with La Riche in Midnight Blue so anyway I did not bleach it because it would be damaging so instead I just went ahead to dye it and well I was quite happy with the result. In the beginning.

However this was taken on 22 December 2014 about more than a month later and you can see the colour had faded out until it gave it a rather ombre effect. It also made my hair ends rather dry so I had to use coconut oil to replenish the moisture.

I also used head and shoulders shampoo mixed in with crushed vitamin C tablets to attempt to fade the blue colour. Some other methods such as mixing baking soda and shampoo together are also stated here. It worked but there was still stubborn blue dye left behind which faded to a greenish ash colour. 

Eventually on 15 April 2015 after being rather sick of my hair ends not being able to be dyed any particular colour. Since the La Riche hair dye prevents you from any hair dye sticking to it and it had faded to a rather unattractive greenish ash colour I decided to chop it all off.
So all in all I am not going to dye my hair using La Riche ever again. If you want to dye unnatural colours I suggest you get a permanent dye because semi permanent will just stain EVERYTHING and than when it fades and you want to dye other colors on top of it it just will not take on the colour. Bleaching is an option but really damaging for hair. So I will not recommend using La Riche or any kind of semi permanent hair dye.

What crazy colours have you dyed your hair?


Sunday, April 26, 2015

I wish to Have Vampy Lips

2 April 2015

Here is a quick tutorial on how to get vampy lips. First I bought the Silkygirl Moisture Lipstick in Vamp. Than I used a black eyeliner pencil to fill in my lips. I topped it off with the vamp lipstick to achieve this effect.

 You can see the difference the above picture is without lining my lips in black liner and the below picture is after filling it in with black liner. You can see the lip colour becomes dramatically darker.

Cheers to vampy lips!


Monday, April 20, 2015

Shop Women's Office Wear On Zalora

Time to dress sharp for work. Zalora has a large collection of dresses, tops, pants, shoes and bags and many more. Here I shall pick some of my favourite and the price range is from less than $20 to about $100.

There is something for everyone and you can be assured that he quality is good when you shop from Zalora. Furthermore you can get $10 off your order which I will share with you later but now onto the items that I really liked on Zalora's Suit Up / Women's Office Wear page.
If you are a loyal reader you should know I love bright colours and unusual prints. Anyway I totally fell in love with the red blazer and it comes in a variety of colours better yet its on sale!
The red blazer is such a classic piece and you can pair it with the usual black and white to add more colour to your usual office wear. It is easy to dress up or dress down too you can wear with a printed skirt like the model here or with denim skirt to make it more casual for off days.
I really love the zoom in function as you can view all the crisp detail of the jacket and the colour. So gorgeous! You can totally even match your manicure to the blazer.

Zalora Boxy Blazer
SGD $19.95
The next item is pretty classic piece in any working wardrobe the skirt. And instead of having it one colour this one is printed with brush strokes. You can pair this with a crisp white shirt for a sophisticated feel if you are more adventurous you can also try pairing with pastels like mint green or baby blue. Anything goes with this skirt really you can experiment with different colours as black and white matches with everything.

Zalora Printed Midi Skirt

The next item is a classic LBD but with a twist the details on the sleeves, shoulder and waist break up the black. The white near the neck line brightens the face and the white on the waist gives you a waist line. 

It comes in a white version as well but knowing me I prefer the black one. You can totally pair this with the red blazer for a classic look and some white or black heels and you are good to go.

Something Borrowed Ribbing Knit Dress

On to shoes you cannot have a proper outfit without the shoes here I am not going to show you brown or black heels because every working woman probably has a version of this in her wardrobe. Instead I shall show you heels that will definitely up your game and make you stand from the crowd of black heels.

This one is in wine colour and has a gold cap toe you can pair this with classic LBD or match it with a plum coloured dress any colour that is the same deep dark hue as the shoe.

So gorgeous you can match your bag with the shoes or even gold jewellery to add some sparkle to a corporate outfit.
Zalora Stiletto Pumps With Gold Toe Cap
If you like girly shoes this one is for you. It's pink and comes with a golden bow. Totally cute and yet wearable with the kitten heel.

You can pair this with white, a nude coloured dress, a pastel pink one for a girly look.
Velvet Jenna Slingback Short Heels

Want to invest in a quality bag but not willing to fork out SGD1000 and above on branded bags you can totally treat yourself to this one. You can match it to the kitten heels pictured above or with a nude heel. 

Manufactured from goat skin this item is sturdy and comes with a detachable shoulder strap. You can carry it on your arm or sling it across your shoulders. 
Tocco Tenero Nence Structured Bag
As promised you can get $10 off your total cost if you click on the tab at the bottom and subscribe to the newsletter.

Zooming in so you can view it better!

What are you waiting for go shop and enjoy!


Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Morning Routine April 2015

So usually during my morning routine I will go study because of my upcoming exams but today I did something different like go for my run. I show you my running route and what usually wear to get ready for it. This is also my first talking vlog if you have been on my channel for a long time you know I usually don't talk in my vlogs. I have tried to make the audio as uniform as possible but some times it records slightly louder. So sorry.

Anyway here is the video! Hope you enjoy it!
If you are interested in the skincare or body care or hair care products here is the list:

Daiso Facial Cleanser (Pink Bottle)
ZA Total Hydration Toner and Moisturizer
Ego Sun Sense Daily Face Invisible Tint Finish Sunblock with SPF 50++
Timotei Vivid Color Shampoo and Conditioner
Essential Rich Premier Hair Mask (Orange Tub)
Scrub from Batam is called Purbasari Lulur Mandi Double Whitening
Etude House Honey Wash Off Mask

Music I was listening to:
Hillsong Young and Free

My favourite is Wake and Alive!

Dubliners By James Joyce
A Passage To India by EM Forster (Not in video)
The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

Shoes by Merrell All Out Fuse
Rainbow laces are from Daiso

I hope this has been helpful!

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Unimpressive Service At Courts

I am on the market to get a new camera so I can post up more vlogs and I have been wondering whether I should get the Canon Ixus 265 or the Canon SX170

So I headed to Courts at Causeway to choose between these cameras since after reading lots of reviews and watching test shots on youtube I thought let's just go and test out the actual cameras.

When I got there I was served by a sales person I think he was called Martin in charge of Cameras at Courts. I told him I wanted to use the camera for vlogs and he encouraged me to consider the Samsung WB50F which was within budget but completely not what I wanted since I was already considering Canon. Furthermore he did not show me any video capabilities whatsoever just telling me the photo taking features and wifi connectivity. I already told him I wanted a camera that took good videos. He completely ignored this point.

So I went back to Canon. I continued testing out the two cameras. After that I asked him if there was any other colours besides pink for the Canon Ixus 265 where upon he perused the cupboards and informed me that there was completely no stock for both cameras I had been looking at :(

Which leads me to think that he should have informed me if there was available stock in the first place when I specifically told him I was interested in these two cameras.

Nevermind when I got home. I perused the web once more and found out that the Canon SX170 recorded up to 720p while the Canon Ixus 265 recorded up to 1080p which made more desirable for creating videos. All these points which he neglected to tell me all he kept saying the difference between those two canon cameras was the zoom there after he asked me to consider Samsung instead.

Not only did he show he lacked knowledge in cameras he also blatantly ignored my request for recommendation on better VIDEO taking camera. I do not claim to be any expert in cameras but ignoring the request of a customer is just plain rude.

I am seriously considering taking my business elsewhere. Anyway just a heads up to people considering buying cameras at Courts Causeway Point. Look out for the man in charge of cameras he works the afternoon shift from 2pm onwards on Wednesdays. He wears spectacles and has a lumpy skin condition visible on face and arms.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Daily Snapshots of My Life #23

21 - 22 August 2013

Decorated my room by adding in lots of polaroids mainly of pond around Khoo Teck Puat and Yishun Park.

I think you can tell I like nature a lot. Haha.
Painting of tuna and the photo that inspired my painting. I really like her turban its so brilliantly coloured.
My wall of fame haha. Mainly nature and landscape the yellow painting is inspired by a photo I took in Seoul and the tree is inspired by a paper bag from Crabtree and Evelyn.

Went to Sembawang beach again. I brought my books to study there and soak my feet in the sea.

Ate at the restaurant in the beach. It was a relaxing day!

Have a great day!


Daily Snapshots of My Life #22

20 August 2013

Went to do mani and pedi. I really like the lemon water. We did it at Far East Plaza.

Random painting I saw. I thought it looked really pretty.

Ate lunch at Far East Plaza pretty large portion I think we ended up sharing it.
Taken at Sembawang Beach I really like the picture. I think I may have posted it up before. Oh well.
At Yishun park for a walk the flowers were pretty but it was such a hot day.
Been to the park lately?


Daily Snapshots of My Life #21

16 August 2013

I am going to clear a back log of posts from 2013. My goodness these pictures were taken so long ago.

My favourite Holika Holika eye liners I got from qoo10. They do not smudge and have great staying power you can purchase it here.
I painted some decoration for the house I used purple and blues to add a more soothing feel.

This was a note from my mom to make sure I did not eat her share. As you can see the toaster is very old we have since replaced it haha.
How was your day?