Thursday, April 30, 2015

I Wish My Hair Was Blue

10 November 2014
I wish I had blue hair so I went ahead and dyed it with La Riche in Midnight Blue so anyway I did not bleach it because it would be damaging so instead I just went ahead to dye it and well I was quite happy with the result. In the beginning.

However this was taken on 22 December 2014 about more than a month later and you can see the colour had faded out until it gave it a rather ombre effect. It also made my hair ends rather dry so I had to use coconut oil to replenish the moisture.

I also used head and shoulders shampoo mixed in with crushed vitamin C tablets to attempt to fade the blue colour. Some other methods such as mixing baking soda and shampoo together are also stated here. It worked but there was still stubborn blue dye left behind which faded to a greenish ash colour. 

Eventually on 15 April 2015 after being rather sick of my hair ends not being able to be dyed any particular colour. Since the La Riche hair dye prevents you from any hair dye sticking to it and it had faded to a rather unattractive greenish ash colour I decided to chop it all off.
So all in all I am not going to dye my hair using La Riche ever again. If you want to dye unnatural colours I suggest you get a permanent dye because semi permanent will just stain EVERYTHING and than when it fades and you want to dye other colors on top of it it just will not take on the colour. Bleaching is an option but really damaging for hair. So I will not recommend using La Riche or any kind of semi permanent hair dye.

What crazy colours have you dyed your hair?


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