Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Unimpressive Service At Courts

I am on the market to get a new camera so I can post up more vlogs and I have been wondering whether I should get the Canon Ixus 265 or the Canon SX170

So I headed to Courts at Causeway to choose between these cameras since after reading lots of reviews and watching test shots on youtube I thought let's just go and test out the actual cameras.

When I got there I was served by a sales person I think he was called Martin in charge of Cameras at Courts. I told him I wanted to use the camera for vlogs and he encouraged me to consider the Samsung WB50F which was within budget but completely not what I wanted since I was already considering Canon. Furthermore he did not show me any video capabilities whatsoever just telling me the photo taking features and wifi connectivity. I already told him I wanted a camera that took good videos. He completely ignored this point.

So I went back to Canon. I continued testing out the two cameras. After that I asked him if there was any other colours besides pink for the Canon Ixus 265 where upon he perused the cupboards and informed me that there was completely no stock for both cameras I had been looking at :(

Which leads me to think that he should have informed me if there was available stock in the first place when I specifically told him I was interested in these two cameras.

Nevermind when I got home. I perused the web once more and found out that the Canon SX170 recorded up to 720p while the Canon Ixus 265 recorded up to 1080p which made more desirable for creating videos. All these points which he neglected to tell me all he kept saying the difference between those two canon cameras was the zoom there after he asked me to consider Samsung instead.

Not only did he show he lacked knowledge in cameras he also blatantly ignored my request for recommendation on better VIDEO taking camera. I do not claim to be any expert in cameras but ignoring the request of a customer is just plain rude.

I am seriously considering taking my business elsewhere. Anyway just a heads up to people considering buying cameras at Courts Causeway Point. Look out for the man in charge of cameras he works the afternoon shift from 2pm onwards on Wednesdays. He wears spectacles and has a lumpy skin condition visible on face and arms.


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