Friday, May 29, 2015

Shop on Zalora This Hari Raya

Did you know Zalora also has special ethnic clothes? Now there are fashionable alternatives to Muslim Fashions! Choose from a variety of quality and modern designs by renowned designers for ethnic fashions. Best thing there is not just designs for ladies but something for men as well!
Designs are modest and also have a nod to modern times. Be sure to turn heads in a crowd with these designs. There are real bright show stoppers and also much more toned down affairs. However style is not compromised as these designs are really figure flattering.
I personally like this lace design it has nice cutting and I really like the colour I am not a muslim but I would not mind rocking this look pairing it with a simple belt and gold earrings. Probably can wear it when visiting Muslim friends or simply to a formal occasion. 
If that is too dramatic for you they have more flowing and subtle designs like the one below. There is really nice detailing on the shoulders. It is golden beads in intricate designs on the neck and the sleeves. So gorgeous.
 Here is a another less bright alternative but still has the wow factor! It looks like a kaftan with bold white flowers printed on it. The flowing sleeves gives a dramatic element perfect for people who want to create a statement when they enter a room.
The men also have a pretty good selection. Although I have to be honest ladies have more selection than guys. Sorry guys but the picks Zalora has on their website is really good.

They have this navy blue design which is not too flamboyant but Aztec print makes it fun without going too crazy. 
They also have a full suit with alternative colours I chose this one to feature as it totally can match with the green lace number I posted earlier. It comes a variety of colours like mustard yellow and also red. 
What are you waiting for go take a look at some of these gorgeous designs today!


Favorite Investigation Games May 2015

Favourite investigation games no hassle no need to download stuff (maybe except flash if you don't have it) enjoy nice short casual games. Okay I correct this for one of the games you may have to download it as I have not found the online version but it is completely free so that's a bonus. If you are too lazy to download you can just check out the other games which don't require downloading.

Rizzoli and Isles Games - I liked the first episode. Great atmosphere and interesting crime scenes in a crime scene.

Jack French - The Good Dr Ferrer Episode 2 of the Jack French series. If you compare the graphics from this game to the others it is pretty amateurish but on the whole quite satisfying to solve the crime. Nice way to pass the time if you like short easy investigation games. You can start from part one but I started from the second episode first before doing the other episodes.

The Goat In the Grey Fedora - My first game had a bug so did not manage to solve the case. Perhaps you may have better luck. Nice and funny game with good graphics.

The Scene of The Crime  - My favourite from this would be the second episode finding the clues and solving the case was quite satisfying.

Detective Grimoire - Interesting characters although all that hmm and hah can be kind of a irritation after awhile.

The Far Corner Of The World - Okay this one you may need to download it I cannot find the online version but it's pretty interesting game play.

The Last Door - Too chicken to play this to the end but it has an element of horror to it and a solid story line.

Hope you enjoy these games!


Monday, May 25, 2015

Loreal Youth Code Boosting Essence and Olay Regenerist Serum Reviews Plus Bonus Aqua Label Review

Before I start off with the review I shall do a quick price Comparison Of Loreal Youth Code Boosting Essence and Aqua Label Essence.

Got this on 5 October 2014 and the Aqua Label on 19 April 2015.
The Youth Code is 30ml costs $41while the Aqua label essence is 45ml and costs $35.50.

In the pack there is also free white up lotion and the white up emulsion. I have used the lotion which is actually a toner and it is pretty good. I think my skin appears fairer.
Here is picture of me after using this toner for about a month photo taken inside MRT train. I would say I am quite happy with the condition of my skin. Sorry for my expression felt awkward smiling to myself on public transport.

Have yet to try the Aqua Label essence and the emulsion will probably update again when I have done so. I am still using the Loreal Youth Code Boosting Essence and the Olay Regenerist Serum. The Loreal essence is light weight and quickly absorbed into the skin. I noticed my skin tone looks more even and has less break outs especially near chin area. The Olay serum spreads really easily onto skin. I liked the smell and texture of this compared to the Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Serum. I like to top it off with Sunsense sunblock for a nice solid base before adding my usual foundation on top. The sunblock and foundation does leave a slight shine on the face so I like to combat this with a light layer of powder from ZA.

That's all from me today.

Have a great week ahead!


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ZA Beauty In Bloom

16 October 2014

Got this ZA Beauty In Bloom set for $33.50 and I have to say that it is great for giving a nice healthy glow.

I also liked the skin care package it came with the ZA Total Hydration skincare. I have used the toner and it is completely gone now. I have also finished the cleanser. Left with the moisturiser which is super light weight and moisturising.

It comes with a quality tote bag too it is small and can pack essentials like keys, wallet and tissues for lunch break.

The set comes with additional refillable and a limited edition design cover.
I really like the water colour effect of the cover super special.

Here is some pictures of the foundation I am wearing I am using OC00 shade. This picture is without any make up on.
And this picture is with make up as you can see I have overall a healthier glow with the foundation on. This pictures were taken in the light.

And these pictures were taken in the shade overall provides good coverage. But probably for serious issues like eye bags and acne you may want to cover it with some heavy duty concealer. The ZA concealer is also worth giving a try it provides medium coverage and it is easy to blend.

Totally recommend this product. Only thing is you have to wash your sponge applicator regularly to prevent break outs.

Have a great day!


Not a sponsored post. I purchased everything in this post with my own money.