Friday, May 29, 2015

Favorite Investigation Games May 2015

Favourite investigation games no hassle no need to download stuff (maybe except flash if you don't have it) enjoy nice short casual games. Okay I correct this for one of the games you may have to download it as I have not found the online version but it is completely free so that's a bonus. If you are too lazy to download you can just check out the other games which don't require downloading.

Rizzoli and Isles Games - I liked the first episode. Great atmosphere and interesting crime scenes in a crime scene.

Jack French - The Good Dr Ferrer Episode 2 of the Jack French series. If you compare the graphics from this game to the others it is pretty amateurish but on the whole quite satisfying to solve the crime. Nice way to pass the time if you like short easy investigation games. You can start from part one but I started from the second episode first before doing the other episodes.

The Goat In the Grey Fedora - My first game had a bug so did not manage to solve the case. Perhaps you may have better luck. Nice and funny game with good graphics.

The Scene of The Crime  - My favourite from this would be the second episode finding the clues and solving the case was quite satisfying.

Detective Grimoire - Interesting characters although all that hmm and hah can be kind of a irritation after awhile.

The Far Corner Of The World - Okay this one you may need to download it I cannot find the online version but it's pretty interesting game play.

The Last Door - Too chicken to play this to the end but it has an element of horror to it and a solid story line.

Hope you enjoy these games!


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