Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Canon 700D Haul + Review

I have just uploaded a new video on Youtube. Basically I purchased a Canon 700D from Carousell on 23 April. It was in great condition and cost about $590 but I had to purchase the SD card separately and also the USB cable. On the whole I was happy with the purchase and would recommend the seller its quickpigluckystar :)

If you have not you can watch the video by clicking the photo below:
Here is the list of purchased accessories and the prices:

Battery SGD$29 - Best Denki, Vivo City
Cleaning kit SGD$4.90 - Challenger, Vivo City
USB cable SGD$5.60 - Challenger, Vivo City
SD card SGD$10 - same carousell seller

I have used the camera for months and really liked it its really easy to use for non-professional photographers and you can switch between taking photos and taking videos with ease. 

However for longer videos you have to be able to get a SD card that can record at a faster pace if not an error message that the video has automatically stopped recording will pop up. So far I have been using a Kingston SD card (not pictured or videoed) and it works fine.

I would recommend it for travel and capturing footage on low impact kind of activities. This camera can be rather heavy to carry around for crazy long travel activities like sky diving and rock climbing you are better off with a GoPro. I have gone hiking up a mountain with my old Canon 450D which is comparable size to 700D and trust me I felt the weight.

I like the grip on this 700D camera as I have rather large hands and I like the solid feel of this. I also like the flip screen which has been a Godsend since I can now look at myself when I video and take selfies. It also has a touch screen which makes things so much easier but if you don't like it you can always turn the function off.

If you are a non-professional photographer looking to upgrade from a compact camera to a DSLR I would recommend this camera. It is a good performance camera which takes HD videos and clear sharp photos with good image quality.

Price wise you can always get it from Canon or try second hand like I did :)

Have a great day!


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