Monday, July 27, 2015

Shop Korean Fashion On Zalora

I am rather excited about this post. It is about Korean Fashion! There is a pretty large variety of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories to choose from. Here are my picks from Zalora's website I picked out the most unique designs to get you excited haha. If you want to know where to go shop for all these the direct link is below below below.

You just have to go through my post before you can reach it. Hehe.
Starting with one of my favourite types of outer wear. Vest. Can throw it over any kind of casual outfit and make it more fashionable. How about this two tone vest!
From the details you can see the colours are super vibrant and pretty! You can pair this with those crop top, high waisted outfits and look more fashionable. Correction more Korean fashionable.
Apart from those street style fashions Zalora also stocks up on more glamorous items like this bejewelled totally blinged out heels. Paint the town red in these! And the colour combination is totally good for wearing to office with some simple shift dress. So you can totally wear this shoes from office to club. Up to you no need to change shoes in between.

Gorgeous right? Who knows they said shoes maketh the woman perhaps you might bling your way to a promotion or getting a wealthy husband. Haha if that happens you know who you should treat right? right?

Besides totally rocking shoes there is also those classy glamorous kind of style. With this asymmetrical skirt. You can show off some skin without looking like a slut. Legs are sexy on their own but pair with those partially revealing garments makes it look even sexier.
You can cross your legs and than uncross them. Make it like leg peek a boo now you see it now you don't haha. The blue colour also makes it not like trying too hard to be sexy. If people ask you can always say you chose the colour inspired by Kate Middleton. Up the class.
Another gorgeous shoe. This one has a satin kind of finish. Makes you look luxe and rich. Even if you are not haha. The colour also keeps things from looking too bland. You can be matchy matchy with a green dress or you can pair this with those bold floral dresses than you can look like a goddess in the garden. If you are not the bold colourful sort but want to slowly become this you can implement colour in a risk free way by getting the shoe. Safer and less risky than say dyeing your hair neon green.

I really like this next item so cute! Matching banana outfit. Other than declaring to the world your love for bananas you can totally rock it with either sneakers or flats or even platforms or wedges. Up to you lah. You can pair this with one of those yin and yang bags to let people know your love for balance besides bananas.

Speaking of yin and yang check out this choker. I mean a choker by itself is pretty awesome but this one is RAINBOW. How awesome is that? And it has yin and yang pendant also. Declare to people your love for rainbows (if you don't like rainbows am not talking to you) and balance.

Colors in pictures look totally bright and vibrant. You can wear this choker with just about anything really.

But you want something less bright and more subtle? Okay the next item not exactly subtle but for more formal and less street style. See Zalora has you covered either way whether you want more formal and less street style kind of jewellery.

This statement necklace.

What are waiting for?

p.s: Don't scold me if the items are already sold out at the time when I took these screenshots the items were still available. Time changes that pretty quickly. Gives you more of an excuse to stalk Zalora to make sure you don't miss out any thing. Lol.


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