Friday, July 31, 2015

Tips For Buying On Carousell

I have posted up a video on tips to shop on Carousell. Basically Carousell is an app where you can buy and sell anything from cars to books.

You can watch it by clicking this image:

So here are the tips with more information:

1) Be prepared to take risk
Shopping online especially from individual sellers and not registered businesses is never risk free. So if you are not prepared to take a risk. Just don't buy.

2) Deciding on the seller:
- check reliability how many positive reviews versus negative reviews does the seller have. Are you comfortable shopping with this seller based on his or her reviews or number of followers he or she has?
- Read the info section some sellers only allow mailing and no meet ups.
- Some don't provide extra photos.

3) Ask the right questions:
If you want extra pictures be specific and ask for them.
Make sure you have your correct measurements. If you measured wrongly you have only yourself to blame.

4) Compatibility
Ensure that the items is compatible before purchasing. Particularly important if buying electronic goods.

5) Try not to ask leading questions
Leading questions are basically questions which give sellers information that they can use against you. Such as you ask: "Is this skirt 13 inches in width?" or "Is this shirt XS?" this dishonest seller may just claim it is and you receive the item and realise you have been cheated. So instead ask general questions like: "What is the width of the skirt?" and "What is the size of this shirt?" This is to avoid dishonest sellers who use the information you have given them against you.

6) If you want to lower price state it early don't waste time
Really annoys sellers when you ask a tonne of questions and ask for photos and than reject them because you cannot get it for the price you want. ASK the seller first if you want to lower price.

7) No money don't buy
Just don't waste people's time. If they sell for $10 and you can only pay $1 for it just don't buy.

8) Arranging for meet up:
- ask clearly where meet up is
To you may be MRT (a train station) to him it maybe his house downstairs 
- make sure it's easy to find each other send each other descriptions of what you will be wearing.

When it comes to mailing
9) Request for proof when possible don't take for granted
Sometimes they may send you photos without attaching the stamp on the package so do check before accepting it.

10) Explore all mailing options check pricing before payment.
Don't pay and than realise that you have left out the postage fee. Always check before transferring the money.

Hope this is helpful!

And if you are keen you can go check my Carousell page out at @graceng

Have a good shopping experience.


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